Swipeby your favourite dish

Together with the client we designed more than just your ordinary food ordering app.

Neighborz is the most engaging and fun way to interact with the food available around you. What will you eat today? Swipe through the visual food menu and discover hidden gem restaurants. Extensive filters help to condense your results. This allows you, for example, to just look for a particular craving, only vegan or vegetarian dishes around you. You can also only swipe through delicious desserts. On SWIPEBY you see the food before you order it. Decide with a couple of swipes what you like and add right swipe items into your wish list. Swipe down to go straight to check-out. Order and explore delicious dishes visually with a swipe! You pay in the app and they place your order. Select curbside at check-out and once you arrive at the restaurant, your food will be delivered to your car window. Now any of your favorite restaurants is a virtual drive-thru. All orders are saved in your history. With a simple tap you can re-order anything you have had and customized in the past. The unique vertical user experience by design promises to be beneficial for the client as well as for the provider. It’s all about the favored taste and less about reading the menu.