The construction industry has an immense impact on the environment, the people, and the society. As the most resource-intensive sector of the economy, the industry is responsible for a quarter of global CO2 emissions. Topics regarding material recycling, resource conservation, and refurbishment are driving many innovative players in the construction industry. The HILTI Group is one of them.

Clever features designed for outstanding usability
Brand values paired with sustainability goals
Modularity increases repairability

Due to the innovative strength as well as the market position, HILTI can set signs and standards. The company is particularly successful in the area of circular economy: Their business model, product range and services are consistently geared towards this goal and contribute significantly to the company’s success. In this strategic framework, we support HILTI in the development of innovative products to anchor circularity and sustainability deeply and firmly in the product range.

We work with Hilti for quite some years now and one major improvement next to sustainability and usability aspects is the modularity based on extensive field research and a deep dive into construction worker’s needs. 

Let’s take the extremely durable Solight-ecco® castors—resistant to water, heat, and impact on the construction site—for example. The castors are used in several design and ensure safe maneuver on any surface. Next to that usability benefits the multiple application led to optimized purchase prices, easier maintenance, and product management. Same applies to the compatibility with the Sortimo furnishing systems. All tools and application can be seeming less combined, build on each other and ensure brand awareness and performance in a consistent form. 

An iconic brand promise

The HILTI case is redesigned about every 10 years. And it is much more than a toolcase. This red case is an iconic brand promise and as a non-verbal brand ambassador, it revolutionizes everyday working life on construction sites worldwide.

In the 2018´s new tool case we combined highlights of previous generations with new user-centric functionalities and upcoming tool design. “Double carry” allows two tool cases of same or any different sized to be easily carried in one hand. New environmentally friendly inlays protect the tool and offer compartmentalized space for better organization. For added user convenience, each tool case has three identical “preview” plates on it that can be used to identify the content inside from every relevant side.

Moreover, the case did not only get a new design but also various clever features. Tools and consumables can be practically stored in this lightweight case which also offers highest protection and organization of small parts. Thanks to five different insert boxes, assortment cases can be put together individually. In addition, there are also three pre-equipped variants with matching equipment depending on the trade available and the suitcase is also compatible with Sortimo furnishing systems. 

© Hilti

More than some clever features – design for outstanding usability

Next to the iconic case, we also worked on several other items—all bonded by the same high standards of sustainability and usability. Worth mentioning here is the universal-trolley for the transporting tools and equipment on the construction site and the range of compact universal vacuum cleaners with automatic filter cleaning for dry and wet vacuuming.

The very versatile trolley with three levels for transporting several or heavy parts of all kinds carries up to 150 kg. The robust and compact design with a unique folding function operates with the Solight-ecco® castors while the upper part of the universal trolley is as well compatible with Sortimo cases. Same goes for the vacuum cleaner range. They all run on the same Solight-ecco® castors for safe work at construction sites.

© Hilti

The extremely robust universal vacuum cleaner for the construction site has integrated push handle for mobility over longer distances as well as particularly high-quality components that can withstand even the toughest operating conditions. The automatic, adaptive filter cleaner Hilti AirBoost cleans the air filter automatically if necessary for a consistently high extraction performance. The power indicator gives real-time feedback on filter status and suction power of the vacuum cleaner. Optional with auto-start and switching on / off via the Bluetooth® remote control. The extraction of dust when grinding, cutting, slitting, and drilling as well as with dry core drilling and the removal of drilling mud in wet drilling applications is crucial for workers health. 

As you can imagine, we are looking back with satisfaction to our work with Hilti and are looking forward to ensuring even more high material quality, durability, reliable performance, and operational readiness under any conditions for future construction sites.


  • Development of sustainable product segments and markets, transfer of brand values and sustainability goals into product development
  • Modularity and standardization to reduce development and purchasing costs and increase production efficiencies
  • Increasing repairability and durability as leverage for further development of the service business model
  • Customer loyalty through innovative products and functions


  • Increasing occupational safety and efficiency in construction via behavior-based innovation


  • Optimized use of resources through durability, repairability and remanufacturing of products

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