The climate crisis and finite resources are very real.

For a humane future, we can and, therefore, must recode innovation while also reversing its legacy.

Circularity is the only path to sustainability.

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We partner with forward-thinking organizations to deliver products, experiences, and systems that eliminate waste, keep materials & products in loops and help humans to adopt circular business models.

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We combine design, engineering, and strategy services with sustainable development practices and behavioral science principles to drive any business into a circular future.

We recode innovation

We create innovations that make your business thrive in a circular economy.

Whether you are already running a circular business and need to expand it, or you are keen on making it circular, we partner with you to create sustainable products and services in ecosystems that eliminate waste, regenerate resources, and close the lifecycle loop.

We help you deliver immediate market success while at the same time enabling your long-term transformation towards circularity.

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