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Circularity Index 2024

This white paper examines how German companies are adopting the Circular Economy, a main pillar of the EU Green Deal. It establishes a ‘Circularity Index’ for the DAX 40 firms, the major German and European companies listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, uncovering their circularity goals and sustainability impact.

Published by Handelsblatt


Get here your free copy of Circularity Index 2024 and explore:

  • In-depth analysis of how DAX 40 firms are integrating circular economy practices.
  • Comprehensive insights into the sustainability impact of major German and European companies.
  • The latest circularity goals aligned with the EU Green Deal.

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A Quick Design Guide to the Circular Economy

We need to develop circular value propositions that benefit both businesses and the environment, balancing all stakeholders’ interests. This involves creating circular business models and incentivizing their adoption to build a circular economy.

This white paper offers a quick guide to circular design.

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Download the white paper A Quick Design Guide to the Circular Economy and learn how to:

  • Develop circular value propositions that benefit both businesses and the environment.
  • Balance the interests of all stakeholders through sustainable business models.
  • Incentivize and adopt circular business practices to build a thriving circular economy.

Our white paper provides an accessible guide to circular design, using a practical example of a small, battery-powered consumer good.

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