Traffic chaos and air pollution harm city centers. Delivery traffic is responsible for one of the biggest burdens. Goods transport is estimated to be responsible for around a quarter of inner-city traffic. Together with K/W Automotive, we have developed a solution that enables small businesses and retailers to deliver their products efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively, reduces inner-city traffic and improves the city as living space. 

Our solution comes on three wheels. The E3-Trix. It does not offer luxury, but maximum efficiency and features that can be flexibly adapted. Moreover, it enables drastic energy reduction compared to delivery traffic. The E3-Trix is the best e-mobility solution for small businesses and cities. 

An E3-Trix fleet takes over the last mile in urban areas. It is electronic, safe, and affordable. A battery charge is enough for 100- 120 km and is fully charged again in about three hours. It is lightweight and needs little space on the road. The mechanical pendulum unit, a special shock absorber and a smart system control enable safe turning even in short radii. The waterproof panoramic glass roof protects the driver from bad weather and offers trouble-free all-round visibility and sight. The transport e-trike is therefore easy to drive even for unexperienced or occasional drivers. 

Modular Design for cross-industrial use
Active reduction of inner-city traffic
Opportunities for new business models

Modular design for cross-industry use

The design is inspired by the historic café racers and today´s street fighters and shows genre-typical technical as well as modern elements such as LEDs and displays. Despite the bare fork, the self-supporting construction provides wide advertising spaces on all modular, individualizable parts. Moreover, the variable design offers sufficient storage space for the transport of even bulky goods and the opportunity to individually equip the versatile storage boxes depending on the goods to be transported. Therefore, it becomes a viable option for SMEs such as craftsmen, pharmacies, care services in addition to local retailers. 


  • New business models for an expanded customer segment (billing based on electricity consumption/usage time)
  • Increase of retailer awareness through an attractive and mobile advertising space on the vehicle
  • Maintaining competitiveness through giving small businesses the opportunity of competitive logistics solutions
  • More economical solution for retailers: Optimized maintenance costs compared to cars with combustion engines and lower investment costs compared to e-cars


  • Preservation of diverse supply and retailer structures in the inner-city area and thus urban quality of life
  • Increased tax revenue for cities and municipalities
  • Improvement of the quality of stay and traffic situation due to reduced footprint of vehicles
  • High traffic safety


  • E-mobility solution reduces pollutant emissions
  • No CO2 emissions when sourced from renewable energy sources

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