Our skin is the largest organ of the human body and contributes to our health. Its upper layer, the epidermis, protects our body from external influences such as cold, heat, UV light, germs, toxins, and various other risk factors. But in order for our skin to do its job, it must not be harmed. That’s why we need to protect it. The best way to do this is with smart technology from a Swabian coating expert. 

It is not only during summer vacation that many people’s skin takes a beating. Let’s think here also of all those working outdoors, who expose themselves to the sun for a whole working day, or people with physical limitations, who find it difficult to apply sun milk regularly. 

The average adult would need to spread 3-4 heaped tablespoons (30-40 ml) on his or her body, according to manufacturer and dermatologist recommendations. Even in hard-to-reach places, such as the back, the underside of the arms, or the shoulder blades. 

“To prevent skin cancer, dermatologists (…) advise avoiding intense UV exposure of the skin and especially sunburns.” (German Cancer Society).  

In addition to the general health risk of too much sun exposure, it is also considered a guarantor of premature skin aging and age spots. However, as long as we continue to apply sunscreen products with our hands, these problems and the associated risks will persist.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of coating systems and a specialist in surface technology, inadequate sun protection was primarily a coating challenge for the Wagner Group. That their know-how could also be applied in the cosmetics segment was the result of a constant drive for innovation. The idea: a skin coating device that offers the optimal center application and thus improved protection against sunburn.  

The solution: IONIQ. A smart device that can spray high-quality skincare products onto the skin – 360 degrees and absolutely aerosol-free. For every skin type, vegan, not tested on animals, made in Switzerland. 

Perfectly coated body thanks to a high-tech beauty device 

As a long-standing partner of the Wagner Group, we were able to participate in the development of the prototype of IONIQ and support it through design and refinement to market maturity. The technology of IONIQ uses the attraction between skin and liquid. The “Magnetic Like Skin” technology transforms skincare products into ultra-fine droplets that spread evenly over the body. While using IONIQ, the liquid is automatically attracted to the skin through field lines between the device and the skin. The attraction created is so strong that droplets always find their way to the skin, even in strong winds – unerringly and without environmentally harmful aerosols. This means that skincare products can be applied evenly and faster than conventional products in the right amount to the entire body without rubbing them in.  

Caring about people’s health
Reducing packaging waste
Revolutionizing skincare

The result of the collaboration between Ioniq and Indeed is a smart applicator with a contemporary design that combines dosing accuracy, ease of use, and high precision in the contactless application of care products.  

The combination of an intelligent sprayer and highly effective skincare formulation that uses your skin’s gravitational pull to evenly distribute skincare products without the need for hand rubbing has been patented and has won numerous awards. 

And it is no longer just for sunscreens. Skincare in under 60 seconds and self-tanners for a streak-free, natural tan all over the body are now also part of IONIQ Skin Care’s own care line. 

  • Entering a new industry
  • Transferring existing knowledge to a new market 
  • Extending competence by combining existing expertise with newly acquired expertise
  • Avoiding serious health risks 
  • Maximum user-friendly application 
  • Creating a new routine
  • Minimizing packaging waste
  • Optimum use of active ingredient (less residual quantity in the container, hardly any application shrinkage) 
  • Renunciation of environmentally harmful aerosols 

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