Our food causes considerable greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. In Germany alone, the food segment generates around 4.4 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year in an average private household. This is equivalent to 957 passenger vehicles driven for one year or 11.058 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle. It corresponds to around 16 percent of their emissions and thus accounts for nearly the same proportion as the ‘mobility’ sector.

What we can do to improve our personal climate footprint is changing our eating habits. The solution for our planet is also the best for us humans: healthy food. Because unhealthy eating is one of the biggest health risks in the world. It is a trigger for various diseases, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, or strokes. Reasons for unhealthy eating can be emotional, such as eating out of frustration or a lack of knowledge and skills.

A multi-talented kitchen appliance

To get the inexperienced cooks, the lazy cooks, and the digital natives to cook more and healthier, we developed an assistant to help them do so. Monsieur Cuisine Connect is a smart, connected cooking device, realizing industry standards on entry-prize-level, meeting the market´s power, functionality, safety, and reliability standards and merges the features of mixers, cookers, etc. but especially enables users to cook by following. 

Connecting an ecosystem of services
Reducing packaging waste
Promoting a healthier lifestyle

Frustration-free guided cooking experience

This multi-talented kitchen appliance opens the door to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for the general population. It is suitable for everyone, from the experienced lifelong cooking elderly and the medium experienced cooking enthusiast to the inexperienced, desperately for guidance searching cooking novice and the digital native. Cooking is a passion, and anyone can discover it. This is made easier by the guarantee of success when cooking with this new cooking buddy.

Gone are the days when pre-processed food rules the diet. Monsieur Cuisine Connect supports the cook to get away from industrial food and achieve a healthier life by using raw foods. All recipes and settings are intuitively accessible and ensure comfort, satisfaction, and a sense of achievement with every course. The handling is intuitive and self-explanatory, and the gamified guided cooking process enabled by a broad wipeable screen with an inviting design will evoke the fun of cooking.

Ecosystem of connected services and devices

Monsieur Cuisine Connect is not only a single-stop-solution enabling users to successful guided cooking but offers the option to connect with the digital community. We designed a unique ecosystem of touchpoints demonstrating developments brought by digitalization. 

A mobile application encourages interactions within the community, allows you to do the grocery shopping online and uses machine learning to suggest recipes when you hold your leftovers in front of the camera.
This little helper produced by SilverCrest is a game changer in the field of food for the people and the planet and can achieve a transformational shift.

  • Reaching out for an expanded customer segment
  • Maintaining competitiveness through UX/UI Design and connectivity
  • Increase of awareness through distribution through a well-known discounter
  • Opportunity to cook healthy for novel cooks
  • Ensuring frustration-free cooking with guaranteed success
  • Promoting a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle
  • Reduction of emissions with using raw foods
  • Reduction of packaging waste of pre-processed food
  • Saving energy through efficient way of cooking

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