Organizations can only remain capable if they are innovative. These companies are resilient and can react to concrete challenges with foresight. It is about the development of people in the company and the organization, as well as solving customer problems.

TOI enables decision-makers to shape change with the right tools actively. We make organizations more innovative from within, enabling the creation of an authentic, sustainable culture of innovation. We support companies and institutions in this transformation as consultants, moderators, trainers, and coaches in their agile corporate and employee development. Together with well-known companies, we define development programs for their innovation projects, establish agile teams, and enable resilient organizations.

Our success story so far

Under the direction of TOI we clarified our innovation process. In a four-day sprint, we developed an interconnected ecosystem and mindset. Without the experienced facilitators, we weren’t able to finish this task in such a short time.

Yvan Tavernier, Director Assets and Operations, Oiltanking

TOI took over the complete facilitation of the change process for the topic of innovation at Oiltanking. Employees from 23 regions and 80 countries were trained worldwide on the developed process and method set-up. It was an outstanding and enriching experience for the supporting colleagues from Indeed Innovation and us.

After various training formats for Freudenberg, our main contact Uwe Dingert, Director R&D, let us know: “We were enthusiastic about the sprint training. Firstly, it brought concrete results that we were able to transfer immediately to innovation projects. And second, inspired and motivated employees. We now want to anchor the method throughout the company.” („Das Sprint-Training hat uns begeistert. Es brachte erstens konkrete Ergebnisse, die wir sofort in Innovationsprojekte überführen konnten. Und zweitens inspirierte und motivierte Mitarbeiter. Wir wollen nun die Methode im ganzen Unternehmen verankern.“)

Für mich ist die kompetente verlässliche Unterstützung bei der individuellen Konzeption und Durchführung von digitalen wie auch physischen Trainings ein absoluter Mehrwert. Die Teilnehmer unserer Trainings loben die TOI-Trainer für ihre methodische Expertise und das Praxiswissen im Bereich Customer Centricity.

Kirsten Burmester, Director Corporate Partnerships DACH, Avado

Susan Pinternagel, Innovation Manager at Jungheinrich AG, also let us know: “The experts from TOI showed our employees quickly and practically how easily they can use the appropriate methods to switch from the product-oriented to the customer-oriented company perspective and how to develop new strategies based on this approach.” („Die Experten von TOI haben unseren Mitarbeitern schnell und praxisnah gezeigt, wie einfach sie mit Hilfe der entsprechenden Methoden von der produkt- zur kundenorientierten Unternehmensperspektive wechseln können und darauf aufbauend neue Strategien entwickeln.“)

We were also happy to be responsible for the content of a management event organized by Hansewerk, where we were able to take over the conducting of workshops and the guidance of discussion rounds with over 120 participants, including moderation of the event.

And all of these projects ran parallel to the Design Thinking Rollout at Deutsche Telekom. From 2017 to 2020, we trained Deutsche Telekom employees in design thinking. Over 1,450 people took part in a total of 55 training courses in various formats.

Convincing arguments


We give employees the tools for innovative thinking and efficient implementation. We make companies more innovative from within and enable the development of an authentic, sustainable culture of innovation. This investment saves money today while investing in the future at the same time.


Technological advances make many activities -that we take for granted today- superfluous. Repetitive routine tasks, in particular, are suitable for automation. Creativity, a change of perspective, recognizing connections, and leading and inspiring people are becoming essential qualifications. Only those who are innovative will be in demand in the future.


Deviating from the usual course is not easy. The unknown scares many people – or at least makes them uncomfortable. But numerous methods from many areas of science help people to master the unknown with confidence.


Inventing something new is not witchcraft. Anyone who tackles innovation projects with well-founded knowledge, methods, and the right tools can reliably lead them to success – or recognize in good time that it wasn’t a good idea. Expensive flops don’t have to be. And it doesn’t need geniuses, either. Solid tools are enough. That is what TOI delivers.

TOI, Part of the Indeed Innovation family

Since the founding of Tools of Innovators in 2017, we have been sitting in one office with our colleagues from Indeed Innovation, so that the boundaries are sometimes blurred. For our and also INDEED’s customers, this means concentrated innovation competence; both in methodological and pedagogical as well as in technical and interdisciplinary terms.

We’re glad you’re here. Now let’s take things to the next level.