The team of SDN Finland delivered a deep dive experience into all areas of expertise to meet business opportunities from any industry by offering an outstanding format made of morning keynotes and afternoon’s workshops. All activities were shaped to follow three different tracks on Business, Public Sector, and Education.

“Why do we need empathy?”, “Who will be the Service Designer of the future?”, “How to contribute for the rise of human-centric thinking?” are some of the questions that stimulated our coffee time while exchanging stories of Service Design for banking, real estate, public sector, utility, automotive and logistics. We have been discussing about case studies, different approaches, design challenges and success stories in a stimulating environment where likeminded people from different industries came together to discuss the present and envision a future while bridging the core principles of Service Design with the advent of new technologies such as AI in digital transformation. Particular attention to emotions in technology as well as the contribution of design in policy-making enhanced the importance of a human-centered approach in a continuously innovating world.

SDN Finland Chapter & Prof. Birgit Mager

As Service Design enthusiasts who raise awareness and create impact in the world, we strive for connecting internationals. If you want to discover how Service Design can innovate your business, don’t miss the opportunity of celebrating with us a special day dedicated to Service Design Thinking and Doing where we’ll offer an intense experience that enables anyone to amplify the offerings to your clients and your own company.

Service Design Thinking and Doing | Hamburg | 01.06.2018 | RSVP

All pictures taken by Aliisa Hautaviita

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Tommaso Martucci

Business & Service Design

Tommaso specializes in service, UX/UI, and innovation design. Milan, London, Shanghai, Belgrade, or Shenzhen are just some locations, where he proved his design versatility.

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