Those who are lying on the beach or on the balcony in the sun these days, hopefully will wear enough sunscreen. Because sunscreen is important: “To prevent skin cancer, dermatologists recommend avoiding […] intensive UV exposure of the skin and especially sunburns.” (German Cancer Society) While opaque clothing offers the best protection against skin damage, most people rely on sunscreen fluids and lotions. However, in order to achieve the SPF indicated on the sunscreen, an average adult would need to apply about 30-40 ml of lotion to his entire body. Be honest, when did you last spread five tablespoons of cream on yourself? Just saying.

And not only the sufficient amount, but above all the flawless application is difficult. The back area has always been difficult to access and in many cases the sand is aggravating too. Making sunprotection a friction-intensive experience. The wind blows aerosol sprays and the spray bottle also distributes the product just at certain points until it sticks. Often, therefore, the result is a patchwork of sunscreen, with white marks in obvious locations and inadequate protection on, for example, the underside of the arm or the shoulder blades.

The Wagner Group from Markdorf, Germany dedicated itself to this problem. As a specialist in surface technology with application areas in the home improvement sector, craft enterprises and the industry, inadequate sun protection was, above all, a coating challenge for them. Experienced in the automated commission of paints, varnishes and plasters, they faced the challenge of perfectly coating the human body. The birth of IONIQ.

IONIQ – The skin care revolution for the whole body

IONIQ’s technology works through an attraction between skin and liquid. The magnetic like skin technology developed by IONIQ transforms skin care products into droplets that spread evenly onto the body. While using IONIQ the liquid gets automatically attracted to the skin using field lines between the device and the skin. The created attraction is so strong that droplets can be sprayed evenly onto the skin, even in strong winds. Thus, through the generated attraction skin care products can be applied onto the whole body without the need to rub it in, in the right amount, evenly and faster than conventional products, even in unreachable areas such as the back.

As a long-standing partner of the Wagner Group, we from INDEED Innovation had the pleasure to participate in the prototype of IONIQ and to support it through the design and refinement to market readiness. It should become a beauty device that’s tapping into the internet of things. One that replaces the human hand in your daily beauty regime and makes it outcome much more convenient and efficient. Yet without the use of aerosol.

Being surrounded by spraying experts the idea naturally arose to develop a one-of-a-kind spraying device. After considering several different technologies the idea to develop a connected device that works through ion technology was set. Dosing accuracy and coating perfection were the focus of development, resulting in a smart applicator in contemporary design that promises efficient handling and high precision.

For the Wagner Group itself, the IONIQ project is both risk and opportunity. As recently featured by Germany’s business paper brandeins, the “Beauty Adventure” brings some changes. Digital mindset and start-up spirit found their way into the traditional company. The contactless coating of challenging surfaces has won with the spin-off IONIQ, led by Dr. Ing. Valentin Langen, who takes care of the market launch and the associated cosmetics line, in sex appeal and radiance for the entire group.

The corporate startup IONIQ Skin Care is breaking new ground. At CES, they introduced their product to the general public and promptly landed among the “must haves” of the trade audience. And the innovative power itself has recently been ennobled with the nomination for the Edison Award. You see, the customer-centered use case attracts attention.

A history of success also includes strategic decission. Like the team trying to develop the applicator further with a well-known cosmetic brand. That was the learned business model: after all, the Wagner Group is a plant manufacturer, not a paint producer. But when they faced a slowdown in development pace, the IONIQ team started to develop their own skin care line including mosquito repellent, self-tanner and other cosmetic products. Because they believe in the product and its mission. And if this means that you have to create the funds to be applied, develop an app and offer the smartest product and service concept, then that is probably the case.

We think that’s great! And we look forward to perfectly coated bodies thanks to IONIQ.

Header by Marvin Meyer | Other pictures by IONIQ

Larissa Scherrer de Quadros


Larissa, a seasoned marketing professional, excels in crafting tailored strategies for brands. Passionate about innovation, she embraces blockchain and circular economy principles with a motto: Don't wait for opportunities. Create them.

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