In the moment you run to get a train which departs every two minutes, you know you are naturalized. You have become one of 7.6 billion people living in cities. And it seems unbearable for the urban citizen to wait a few minutes on the platform for his or her next connection. After all, time is money and everybody is greedy with both.

With the same impatience the urban citizen encounters all services and delivery promises. Ordered today, delivered tomorrow or better on the same evening. Anyone living in urban space appreciates and curses fast-paced life alike. The passenger traffic is distributed to city bikes, e-scooters, subways and suburban trains, cars, buses, wheels and more. The sidewalks become places of rapid transit. Strolling around the business hours is life-threatening. On the streets and sideways it’s the same. Wild parked delivery vehicles delay the flow of traffic. Couriers rush from remote loading and unloading zones with heavy handcarts around entire blocks –accompanied by the cacophony of car horns– only to fulfill their duty and also our impatience.

Together with K/W Automotive, we thought about alternatives to the scenario described above and faced the challenge of finding a more compatible solution for “the last mile”. Our goal was to reduce CO2 emissions and noise pollution, to make loading and unloading safer, to maximize transport capacities at an attractive price-performance ratio.

The E3-Trix – The smart solution for the last mile

‍E3-Trix is the solution and vision of INDEED and K/W Automotive for the transport of goods and services in urban areas. E3-Trix is environmentally friendly, safe and affordable.

Basic design and construction was carried out by K/W Automotive in Seoul ( It is produced in Asia until the final installation in the destination country. This guarantees maintenance and service quality at local stations and reduces transport costs. A battery charge is enough for 100-120 km. In about 3 hours E3-Trix is fully charged. The downtimes are reasonable also in a small fleet.

The max. speed of 37 mph was adjusted according to the urban area of operation. The mechanical pendulum unit, a special shock absorber and a smart system control enable the kart and driver to take safe turns even in short radii. E3-Trix is easy to drive – even for inexperienced or occasional riders.

‍E3-Trix takes up less space thanks to its compact design. Like a Smart, it fits across a parking space or in unused spaces. The time-consuming search for a parking space for loading and unloading is eliminated as far as possible. At the same time, the variable design offers sufficient storage space for the transport of even bulky goods. This is ideal for building an e-vehicle fleet for urban traffic. This is also a viable option for SMEs such as craftsmen, pharmacies, care services or local retailers.

Modular design for cross-industry use

‍The modular design allows different design options. An ideal solution for any brand. The waterproof panoramic glass roof protects the driver from bad weather and at the same time offers trouble-free all-around visibility and sight. The versatile storage boxes can be individually equipped depending on the goods to be transported.

Inspired by the historic cafe racers and today’s street fighters, the design shows typical technical elements. Technical components and especially the modern elements such as LED and displays are oriented in their narrow lines like the historic predecessor. Despite the bared fork, the self-supporting construction impresses with its wide advertising space on all modular parts.

‍Everybody’s darling is characterized by its slim design and adaptable features.
Sophisticated technology, customized design, and unrivaled pricing are the key criteria for E3-Trix’s cross-industry success. Climate goals, safety, and costs can be realized in a process-optimized fleet – for more service and speed on the last mile.

There are already the first design types to address different market segments and to present the design live to potential customers. A fully functional prototype is available by invitation and for test-drive. The scooter is currently being tested in certain test facilities (level III) and prepared for road approval.

If you are interested in the E3-Trix, please contact us!

Creatives for this special project: Paul / Florian / Karel and more

Karel Golta

Karel J. Golta

CEO + Founder

Karel, CEO and founder of INDEED, is Swiss but far from being neutral. When he's not planning "the next big thing" with clients, you can controversially discuss with him the value of design.

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