While tech companies like Gtech or Dyson race to get new ventilators into production and meet regulatory requirements. In Puerto Rico, the world’s largest premium rum distillery is helping supply ethanol required to produce hand sanitizers. Beiersdorf donates like crazy: money, disinfectant, skin- and hand-care-products to medical personnel and much more.  And even Big Tech like Google/Facebook open their pockets to help those in need. 

This is all amazing and sparks hope for a brighter more reasonable future. And there are many more examples of readiness to help and power to innovate. 

Repurposed and redesigned for good 

The Charlotte mask from Isinnova and Decathlon is an emergency breathing mask produced from snorkeling masks. It’s field tested but not finally approved by patient authority or patent office. 

Our long-standing customer, the Wagner Group, also recognized the potential of what was available: the experts in surface coating quickly converted spray guns for the application of disinfectants. Comprehensive disinfection is now a matter of minutes, not hours. 

And as if they suspected it, our colleagues in New York recently switched the entire user interface of the Swipeby restaurant app to “Curbside Pickup“-even for restaurants without drive-through. This is currently leading to a growing number of users and the necessary turnover, even for small restaurants that are particularly affected by the restrictions. 

3D print is here to help us 

Materialise were among the first devoted to the problem of contaminated door handles. They are offering a 3D printable template to enhance each and every door handle with your covered forearms. The paddle-shaped extension fit any common door handle model and is printed within hours making non-contact door handles available everywhere needed. 

Not only large companies but also individuals are helping to improve the situation. Quinn Roney, a Canadian boy scout, protects medical personnel from the constant pressure of the necessary masks. He has already produced dozens of “ear guards“, which according to user reports bring real relief without reducing the medical benefits of the masks. And of course, he made the template freely accessible. 

The common nominator 

Innovative ability and willingness to help is the order of the day. Of course, we could discuss that some donations are “only” cleverly saved, long overdue tax payments. But let’s concentrate on all the positive sides. The manufacturing industry is more adaptable than expected. Production is becoming more local and flexible. Knowledge is shared and what is needed is tailored to the needs of the target audience and the desires of a global society facing the greatest marshmallow challenge ever. 

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