Let’s face it, one of the biggest hurdles of long-distance travels is the little sleep and relaxation we have along the way. Especially when it comes to business trips, where it is essential to have a good rest to be at 100 % for the upcoming meetings at your ultimate destination. According to the US Bureau of Labor statistics (details here), almost 500 million long-distance trips are taken in the US each year. This means about 1.1 million people are travelling for business every day in the U.S. 

If you are one of them, you know that sometimes the experience of flying is not the most optimal. Either it is too cold or too hot, the air stinks or there’s not enough room for your knees.

Most of us have experienced some level of discomfort in an airplane, and if you are stuck in the economy class for a transatlantic flight from Europe to New York or beyond, travel is hardly ever pleasant. And let’s not talk about sleeping, relaxing and recovering on board, which in most cases can be quite a struggle. As a matter of fact, in many cases, the first meetings of your business trip are very inefficient because you only attend them on a physical level. Not to mention the jet lag, which often takes us to the limit.

A very important factor to take into consideration is that most airplane seats are C-shaped, causing aching necks and back pains. Therefore, we decided to develop an original concept that allows us to have better travel experience, helping us to avoid these unpleasant situations and more importantly, allowing us not to stress about being refreshed the next day, but rather about focusing on giving the best of ourselves during our business sessions.

Napair consists of two intelligent devices designed to sense your body, create a comfortable environment and give you optimum support to relax while you travel.

Transforming the flying experience into a comfortable journey

The first device is a mask which covers the eyes and ears, immediately creates a cosy atmosphere through the noise reduction function.

It also has a high-resolution OLED display for VR implementation, digital entertainment such as video games and movies and see-through option.
The mask offers an intelligent regulation of light and darkness and is optimized for the sleep and awakening phases. It also has an eye-tracking function, that helps to adjust the volume, brightness and status of the screen.

The mask automatically connects to your smart devices. Once you are relaxed, working tools such as email, call and calendar will show you the proper notifications. The mask not only controls your heartbeat and body temperature but also knows exactly when you need to rest, thus creating a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere, encouraging the passenger to sleep and rest.

The second device is a scarf, which utilizing an intelligent monitoring sensor, detects your movements as well as the temperature of your body and that of the environment, achieving in this way the ideal degrees to reach a total rest of the body.

It also has a 3D intelligent shape which supports the neck by conductive polymers building up an electrical muscle structure, giving you the right posture. 

Last but not least, there is also a massage function, which we can assure offers a pleasant experience to the passengers, preventing stiffness and helping to relax.

Bringing better solutions #problemsolvers

As we love to find great solutions within our products, we also thought about our concept as a solution for those passengers who experience flying anxiety. According to some estimates, as many as 25 % of all Americans suffer some nervousness about flying but the National Institute of Mental Health says this fear, usually called aviophobia, affects just 6.5 % of the population. Yep, that’s more than 20 million people! 

Many anxious flyers control their fear by holding seats, studying the flight attendants or even analyzing every movement of the turbulence, but what if instead of going crazy, you put on the napair devices, avoiding these terrible fears and simply relaxing and enjoying the ride?

napair also works for frequent travellers by train. To save on carbon emissions a lot of us accept longer hours on the train instead of short-distance flights. That’s nice for the environment but draining for the individual when the train is packed, the other travellers are annoying or you are just exhausted from a day of meetings. So napair could be an investment for those travellers worried about ecological and economic costs, too.

With the creative input of Jan/Patrice/Torsten and more

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Originally from Mexico, Isabel is a trained graphic designer with a wide experience in multilevel marketing in America. She strongly believes that sharing ideal, fresh and precise content will humanize the world.

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