However, a user’s world has changed dramatically within the 21st century: people create music themselves, save their image collections in clouds and even share their exercise activities with friends online.

According to that rapid trend raises the question: what might happen to headphones in a 100 years’ time? Right now, they seem to be a kind of stagnated, yet unsociable device, which restricts the perception of surrounding sounds and prevents interaction among people. Contemporary users however require for something
different and new when listening to music – a new experience that has the power to overcome the aforementioned restrictions.

Which inevitably leads to the question: what does the next generation of sound devices in the future look like?

This is THE innovation: ‘SOUND DROP’, which gives us an entirely new sound experience in
the near future.

The special headphones are totally worked in wireless and compatible with all common smart devices.

Imagine you are walking along the street and you can discover sound traces left by other people in certain spots – an enjoyable mystery that stimulates everyone’s fantasy. You can also add comments for the producers of these sounds, recommend them to your friends and finally collect them in your private playlist.
Furthermore the most outstanding experience with SOUND DROP is that you can be a producer as well as a listener. When you feel like creating your own sound, you just record either the music you currently listen to or the present background sound you experience. Afterwards you can remix it with a diverse set of instruments. After finishing the sound producing process, just place it at the sound spot close by. The whole procedure can be done with just one finger and your sound will be available to other people to interact with.

The cool meshed lighting indicator shows 3 different color schemes depending on the availability status of your sounds.

The lime-colored light for instance signals the sharing modes of your sounds – other people are now allowed to listen to the sounds you have placed. The red light shows that you are currently producing new sounds. The blue light appears when you are looking for some new sound traces. During the discovering mode, the blue light glows lighter and lighter when you get closer to a sound-drop spot.

There are also functional details for an optimized utilization. The foldable sub band enables stable and comfortable wearing. When not in use, the band shrinks to a very compact size for convenient storage. Furthermore, the textured buttons and the interface guarantee control of the headphones even without looking.

The visual interface provides extended features with further details about your sound experiences. When you explore sound traces, it additionally helps to navigate the spot, visualize contained sounds and handle playlists easily. Finally, it is also possible to check your own sound status at “my fans”, “discovered sounds”, “my sound ranking” and so on.

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