We are in the year 2024, the future seems clear, everything is digitized, personalized and registered; Even all our behaviors leave traces that are tracked by intelligent systems which help us to have a better lifestyle.

Our needs have changed and with them the technology. Now, everything is done through augmented reality. The technology is on and the geolocation services are a fundamental part of our behavior. From the way we learn in classrooms to the way we buy; everything is – more or less – based on artificial intelligence. In turn, the cities are different, they are completely intelligent and help us to better understand our needs by having direct access to the authorities, obtaining a personal dialogue instantly.

Today, in the year 2024, technology allows us to monitor us 24 hours a day through a chip which detects any change in our body before the first symptoms appear, providing us with the perfect dose to prevent future diseases.

We live in an era where we do not have time to exercise, so we have smart beds which exercise and rejuvenate us while we sleep by administering the nutrients required to be healthy and full of energy.

But now, for real…

2019, the world is spinning so fast that we want everything immediately. In 2024, things won’t have changed for good in this regard. If in the past we demanded to have everything immediately, then we want it instantly. Today people are so busy that they have forgotten what it is to have patience, therefore, they request results at the moment. But not any kind of results, they have to be 100% reliable, accurate and personalized.

We will forget that our entire universe was based on applications. Times and technology have changed. Of course, we continue using a lot of applications, however, they have transformed. Applications are becoming an operating systems. We do not rely in applications to learn “the new technique of Tai Chi” or a new Yoga posture. We have personalized smart training equipment which encourages us to exercise. In turn, our movements are still identified through sensors, however, all around us is smart.

As in INDEED we like to be creative, innovative and look into the future, we create the following concepts which we are sure will help us to stay motivated while exercising, giving us immediate benefits making them part of our way of life.

“ME-RROR” – Becoming my better ME

What better way to motivate yourself if not with yourself? As its name says “ME-RROR. Becoming my better me “, is an intelligent mirror which, through a complete and personalized analysis, shows you a comparison of images reflecting the present and the future of your body offering you at the same time YOUR perfect training plan helping you to achieve your personal goals.

Through “ME-ROOR”, you can immediately see the benefits offered by doing certain exercises generating a great motivation to achieve your goals in a planned, careful and realistic way.

“THE MATT” – Keeps motivation high and injuries low

Just the simple contact of your skin is enough for “THE MATT” to analyze and record all your data instantly, thus offering you an intelligent, functional and practical way of exercising.

THE MATT is a personalized smart system which, through your information, registers your needs creating a training plan (or connecting with your previous plans) giving you a better and complete experience when exercising.

Through its sensors, it measures your blood pressure, heart rate and energy level, giving you accurate data on your athletic performance.

One of the most important functions is the supervision of your posture, helping you through a personalized guide to have better and injury safe results.

These are just some examples of the endless smart training equipment that will be on the market within the next 5 years, which will be connected to each other helping and providing greater motivation to users making them part of their lifestyle.

But how about the upcoming years? Have you ever thought on how 40 years from now our sportive experience would be like? Maybe that “smart, powerful, source of rejuvenation bed” becomes a reality…

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Mariana Yzusqui

Industrial Design

Born in Lima and raised in a bicultural family, Mariana found her way to Germany to study industrial design and to embrace new opportunities and experiences as well as spreading her positive vibes.

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