Whether it’s AI, VR, AR, 3D printing, marketing or communication, smart home appliance or robotics, the DIGITAL KINDERGARTEN was all about discovering new digital trends and technologies and communicating trendsetting insights. More than 50 speakers and exhibitors have been showcasing the latest technologies in the Millerntor Stadium on 3 stages and in various workshops for over 3,000 guests.

The One-Day-Event included exciting topics such as AI and Creativity, Voice, Podcasts, Bots, Gaming & E-Sports, VR, AR, Retail of the Future, eCommerce, Influencer Marketing, Big Data, Diversity, Female Power, Robotics, E-Mobility, Blockchain, Smart Cities & Homes, Automation, smart & connected devices. True to the mission:



At our booth, we united the apparent opposites of the digital and analogue world. Visitors experienced UX, UI, Industrial Design, Creative Coding, Generative Art and Engineering in unison. And to continue the melodic line, our guest experienced what their brain has to sing.

The recap for everybody who missed our Insta stories:

For more information about the installation or to listen to what others brain has to sing please visit our dedicated landing page.


Karel was excited to share his new storyline with an ambitous audience at the Busines Punk stage. His topic: “Das Menschenmögliche neu denken (Rethink all that is humanly possible)”.

The past 200 years have brought us tremendous progress and prosperity. But are digitization and exponential technology growth drivers of innovation or do they only solve problems that they themselves have created? How do we manage to create truly relevant innovations in the Digital Age as a society and economy? And how does AI help us to not only think about the humanly possible, but to implement it? Karel has a lot to say about that and sparked discussion at the digital playground in the Millerntor Stadium.

DIGITAL KINDERGARTEN 2019 was a blast. Here our highlights from the making of:

Larissa Scherrer de Quadros


Larissa, a seasoned marketing professional, excels in crafting tailored strategies for brands. Passionate about innovation, she embraces blockchain and circular economy principles with a motto: Don't wait for opportunities. Create them.

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