With circular economy innovation, we can permanently eliminate over a third of global greenhouse gas emissions. In order for companies to achieve the specified reduction targets, they have to adapt their products and the way they are manufactured. A prerequisite for this is the development of suitable business models. Without them, innovators and product developers lack the crucial foundation. Circular Economy Innovation is the appropriate approach for this.

Workshop will be in German/English language, depending on the attendees’ preference.

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The workshop provides the basic knowledge and tools to identify the appropriate circular business opportunities for innovation activities. At the same time, we convey the differences between circular and linear innovation work.

  • Resilience & Innovation – Why is the Circular Economy relevant?
  • Descriptive Value Chain Mapping – Understand your value chain system
  • Circular Business Opportunities – Find ideas based on R-strategies
  • Prescriptive Value Chain Mapping – Sketch your individual value chain for circularity
  • System Thinking – What differentiates innovation in a circular economy?

How it works

Our approach follows the three-phase model of Frame | Learn | Reflect.

1. Frame

Video lesson (about 30 minutes): It provides the theoretical background and prepares you for the subsequent exercises.

2. Learn

Practical workshop (8 hours): Using a case study prepared for the learning objectives, the participants work out how the basic tools work.

  • All exercises are guided by experienced innovators.
  • The workshop can take place either online or as a face-to-face event.
  • An online whiteboard is used as a working medium in both formats. With the help of hybrid teaching methods, the participants achieve their learning goals.
  • The documents are in English. The moderation takes place in German or English as required.
  • We deliberately limit the learning group to 20 participants to ensure space for individual questions and quick work.

3. Reflect

Individual coaching call (approx. 1 hour, appointment according to availability): Here is time to discuss open questions and reflect on future steps. It is important to us that you put what you have learned into practice. Be it the strategic redesign of your value chain, the further development of the product journey, or the optimization of your service design.


Thanks to the interactive approach, the participants gain their first practical experience during the training. In this way, they can immediately apply the tools to analyze their own value chain and to develop circular strategies in their own business context.

Target group

  • Decision makers
  • Innovators
  • Product and project manager
  • Sustainability manager
  • Managing directors

We start the open program with an opening price. Further dates, including cooperation with Life Science Nord, will follow in autumn. Ongoing, we offer individual small group concepts tailored to the industry or the company of our customers.

Michael Leitl

Michael Leitl

Innovation & AI Strategy

After studying chemistry, being a long-time editor at “Harvard Business Manager”, a member of the innovation team at “Der Spiegel” and more: Michael brings a wealth of knowledge to the team and our partners.

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