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Like every year, Fast Company publishes a list of the best-designed gifts for the upcoming season. You’ll find funky stuff like a Tee that sucks CO2 from the air for $110, an eco-friendly velvet pillow for $48, a natural deodorant that’s recyclable for $44, and much more—some sustainable, some desirable, and most too expensive.

To solve your gift hustle, we present the best Christmas gift ideas for merry and conscious holidays in 2022. Our personal and researched gift list of non-material but heartwarming presents for your loved ones—also suitable for colleagues.

Unboxed but gifted

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Give away your favorite spot

You don’t have to be Sheldon Cooper to appreciate one particular spot. It might be your favorite TV place, the one side of the bed, the front-row seat on family trips, or the adjustable desk in the office. Gift it for a limited time to someone who will appreciate it.

Take over

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Do you know someone’s struggle will not be a big deal for you? Take over their duties for a month. It could be huge, like cleaning the whole house, or something minor, like cleaning the desk every Friday afternoon.

Same, same but different: You are pretty good at spelling and writing. Share your capabilities with someone who needs it. That might be the colleague struggling with a foreign language, the buddy applying for a job, or the friend unsure of tonality.

Become a Cheerleader

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This idea comes in many shapes and forms. It aims to hype someone and give them the courage to continue their excellent work:

  • A year of likes—Not just suitable for wanna-be influencers but also for family or team chats. Give a year of likes and thumbs up. Show that you care!
  • VC compliments—Even if the lightning is horrible, give your video conference (VC) partner praise each time you see them on screen for one year. Enhance the gift by checking better lighting options and finding the perfect outfit, background, and posture for video conferences.
  • VC stylist—Deliver style counseling whenever needed. We all know someone who is despairing for styling advice, who has a room full of clothes but nothing to wear. Give them the reassurance they need: ‘You look damn fine!’

A guided tour

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Plan and execute a personalized guided tour for someone you care about. Include the best restaurants, cafes, shops, or museums on your way, and make sure they feel like a tourist, even on a known terrain. It’s about the excitement of seeing everything with new eyes, guided and taken care of. Spend quality time together without distractions or loss of attention.

All ideas can be gifted digitally or with a handwritten note. Make sure you redeem the voucher promptly because nothing is more frustrating than finding a stale check.

May your wishes come true

Hopefully, you find some of our ideas inspiring and feel excited about a merry, sustainable holiday season in 2022. We look forward to 2023, continuing our journey to a circular economy with every new project and all the little steps in between.


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