Running is super popular! Everybody jogs these days.

Still, some runners experience it to be monotonous and lack excitement in the process. Therefore we aimed to develop something active and enjoyable, which gives runners an entirely new experience! Are you interested?

Air runner hovering over hand

Air Runner will make the change in your running experience.

It is a concept study of a thrilling gadget that motivates you running folks and gives you the extra kick of excitement and fun while exercising. Inspired by aerial drones, the little flying companion is a futuristic smart device that enhances your jog with fun games and tracking data of your sports activities. With a light projection onto the street, Air Runner works for single as well as for multiple runners. The concept study creates an exceptional virtual adventure landscape and even keeps you safe when running in the dark.

With the app, you can set the intensity, distance, route, and entertainment mode of your upcoming run. When all data is precise, the drone lifts off your armband and guides the way.

exploding rendering of the Air Runner showing the motors and blades
exploding rendering of the Air Runner showing the motors and blades with focus on the landing function

Features of the Air Runner

  • projector, light, and camera
  • 8 Motors buffered by noise-absorbing horizontal and vertical blades
  • heavy-duty wristband (adaptable to upper arm as well) with a touch slider for landing and magnetic docking
  • equipped with GPS, Bluetooth, and NFC
  • comes with gesture and voice control for game and operation features
  • App (digital extension for community connection and individual routes)

The camera inside the drone catches your movements, and you can even record your run. You control the camera with simple gestures, like hitting fists against each other to ‘start record’ or raising your elbows to ‘pause’. Plus, if you are eager to show off your achievement, you can share the app’s game and sports scores with your friends.

Eight motors steer Air Runner steadily and robustly and avoid sudden crashes due to gusts of wind. While original drones cause pretty some noise, the horizontal and vertical blades of Air Runner absorb sounds as well as shield the wings against external impacts.

Imagine what you can achieve in the company of Air Runner!

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