We develop circular-ready packaging systems that are technologically feasible, commercially viable, and user-friendly.

A circular approach to product and service design

Packaging has been the backbone of modern commerce, and it is now ripe for sustainable and circular innovation. Nevertheless, creating the right solution for your product and your business that satisfies the market needs as well as regulatory requirements is a substantial challenge. 

By implementing ecodesign standards and sustainable development strategies, we enable the transition towards a more circular packaging ecosystem. Our expertise in circular business models helps businesses navigate the complexities of this transformation and find the most impactful solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Comprehensive circular packaging expertise

Sustainable material strategies
We maximize a wide range of material options based on renewability, environmental impact, biodegradability, and technical performance.

Reuse systems & reverse logistics
We help integrate reusable packaging systems, optimizing reverse logistics for a positive return on investment (ROI).
Regulatory compliance
We guide clients through Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) compliance.

Tailored brand engagement
We create sustainable packaging solutions that address unique needs and constraints while enhancing brand reputation and customer engagement.

1. Understand – circular opportunity identification
We deeply analyze product, material, and value chain emissions, and evaluate sustainable options in close collaboration with our clients.

4. Test – circular design solutions
We conduct agile testing with initial prototypes, gathering valuable customer feedback, assessing technical performance, and validating commercial viability.

2. Investigate – sustainable product lifecycle
Using a streamlined Life Cycle Assessment, we evaluate business portfolios to uncover innovative concepts and viable circular economy business models.

5. Launch
Through an early-stage pilot, we help clients take viable solutions into the market on a small scale to validate the business potentials and achieve immediate and measurable market impact.

3. Develop – circular product and service design
We build tangible, market-ready product and service solutions for a variety of applications, seamlessly integrating them into our clients’ systems to meet their unique needs.

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