Nov 8, 2017

Where does inspiration come from?

A letter to my network – originally published on LinkedIn. Just stop for a minute, inhale, exhale. When was the last time you asked yourself: where does my personal and business inspiration come from?

Karel J. Golta

We kind of take it for granted: sitting at sleek conferences, listening to excellent speakers and minds. Watching TED talks on YouTube. Having our agency presenting the latest trends. Doing workshops on very imminent topics. And yes of course flipping through magazines, browsing the web or hey, just taking a shower.

Although I enjoy all that, it is like with innovation horizons. The above is relevant for Horizon 1 or 2. But for me it does not help to reach Horizon 3 – it is just not touching me personally.

It is not inspiring - not spuring my purpose.

Aren’t we all looking for more purpose in life? Don’t we all wish to unite private and business cause? Because we have just this one life, so we want it to be relevant, right?

Now, inspiration is of course a very personal matter. And like with innovation, you have to try out new things, questioning status quo. Or apply the first principal of the start-up culture: embrace the unknown.

Where does my personal inspiration come from? Whenever I force myself to new intersections. It is so convenient to be super professional, efficient and streamlined. I don’t mean it comes without effort but it is a path that you know. You have done again and again. Therefore I force myself to get lost in order to find inspiration.

Last time I quite forced myself, when I jumped into cold waters by joining Tim Leberecht and his pop-up community “House of Beautiful Business” during MobileWorldCongress in Barcelona 2017. Little did I know, what would happen and what to expect. I knew about his Business Romantic ideas, but being Swiss you rather go for clockwork then love.

So, what inspired me at the House of Beautiful Business? The puzzle pieces that fell into place. Not the single moments, elements, people or interactions. But the sum of it. Hard to explain in a few words, because sometimes, like with excellent art, literature or design - you have to experience it. For me it was like a reversed Tower of Babel. The individual signals composed of performances, silent dinners, talks, activities and meeting new and not superficial people where quite divergent. But formed purposeful inspiration. Not sparks of ideas - but a homogenous intention.

I am sitting at my desk in Lisbon, preparing for the second House Of Beautiful Business during WebSummit 2017. This time the HoBB is seven days long and at two amazing locations. It is going to be different from the first time. I guess it is going to be even more intense. More getting lost, to then form even stronger inspiration. Sounds esoteric? A bit, but isn’t inspiration always a bit like that?

Should you ever have the opportunity to join one of these events – do it.

It is a boost to your inspirational third Horizon.

Karel J. Golta

Managing Director

Karel, CEO and founder of INDEED, is Swiss but far from being neutral. When he's not planning "the next big thing" with clients, you can controversially discuss with him the value of design. And above all, how design preserves humanity in the age of AI and automation.


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