The Mensch in spoken language.

In Yiddish, mentsh roughly means a good person. In American English, a mensch is a particularly good person. And during the Age of Enlightenment, in Germany, the term Menschlichkeit (or Humanität), in the philosophical sense of “compassion”, was used to describe what characterizes a better human being. The concept goes back to Cicero’s humanitas, which was literally translated as Menschlichkeit in German, from which the Yiddish word mentsh derives.

You see – there’s a lot to say about MENSCH.

Likewise at Indeed Innovation, we want to be the good guys. We try to figure out a sense of what is right, responsible, and decorous. We question every day the responsibilities of a designer innovating in the computational age and striving for a sustainable future. The Mensch – in all its linguistic meaning – reminds us of our goal to be a good person in this quest, a better human being.

The Mensch offers us a framework to build a community to share knowledge, experiences, and news with each other. So anytime you read our blog posts, attend our events, or subscribe to our newsletter, we like to see it as a conversation prolonged between humans. As we say in German “von Mensch zu Mensch” (human to human) – across media boundaries, direct or indirect, face2face or digital, on- or offline –bound by the desire to become better humans or Menschen (a German plural of Mensch).

Von Mensch zu Mensch

As you can expect from a creative crowd of people, we have as many opinions as colleagues in the company. So, keep in mind that every written piece has its time and author. Therefore, one blog post might not reflect the opinion of all colleagues. We are humans and might change our minds from time to time. But we don’t overwrite history. So bear with us, if you spot a former bias we overcome or if we optimize a thought in a future post. Everything we do under the label THE MENSCH is a dialogue that evolves with time, feedback, and growing expertise.

Being a better human being is a piece of work.

You can help us become better by sharing your feedback and thoughts on any topic. You can reply to our newsletters directly from your inbox or comment on social media. Always a colleague from the communications team will listen. And shared knowledge and dialogue are desperately needed facing global challenges and systematic changes. So, feel free to join the conversation.

The Mensch

The avatar of Indeed Innovation not wired to an individual colleague but expressing our brand’s unique vision on design, circularity, and the future. Also used when several colleagues worked on this particular content piece :-)