Apr 22, 2020

The sustainable lifestyle of our colleagues

During the month of April, we wanted to focus on how to implement a more sustainable life. We think that, for big changes, small actions need to be taken in order to transform our routine into a sustainable life, which will gradually change our day-to-day activities.

Isabel Calzada Zubiría

With this in mind we asked our colleagues how they manage to be green in their daily activities and were surprised by the creative and simple actions which can make a difference to our planet.

Take a conscious shower

Our colleague Flo advises us to use BUBBLE-RAIN which is a wonderfully soft rain regulator that gives you the feeling of showering with a large amount of water. But in reality, you hardly use any water and energy.

This little green flow regulator inserted between the shower head and the hose reduces water consumption from 18 liters per minute to 6 liters per minute(!) when showering. Also, you can get special shower heads that make sure your showering experience won't suffer from the lack of water.

Create your own eco-friendly products.

Begin by changing your daily habits by changing your shampoo bottle for a bar shampoo, your toothbrush for a bamboo one, or even your toothpaste for one with a glass container.

Today there are several stores where you can buy all these products made naturally and packaged in sustainable containers. But even better, if you want to be greener follow this tutorial and create your own eco-friendly products.

Getting rid of plastic and aluminum foils

Our colleague Paul uses Gaia Wrap instead of plastic or aluminum foil to keep food fresh in the fridge.

This alternative to plastic film consists of organic cotton, organic beeswax, organic jojoba oil and tree resin, nothing else. The wax protects against bacteria, the oil against fungus and UV radiation.

In this way, the daily waste of paper is avoided with the possibility of reusing the wrap as many times as necessary.

Heating your water with the sun

The electrical energy generated by solar panels is endless and does not contaminate, so it contributes to a more sustainable development. It is also a great investment from which the planet saves energy while reducing the cost of electricity and gas. Florian’s house is actually stuffed with sustainable features. But water heating with solar energy is one of the fanciest.

Woodiefy your life

Our colleague Vinay lives in a sustainable building, which is made of prefabricated modular units made entirely of pine wood. As the only renewable raw material, wood has a positive CO2 balance in its processing. It helps to regulate the indoor climate, making heating costs go down significantly. Experts even go so far as to say that they can overcompensate for the CO2 of a second home through wood construction.

Support the local markets

More than ever, it is important to support local markets. That is why Anne-Marie tells us that if you see a greengrocer's shop open on your way, then consider on buying there and support the local economy. Also, do not forget to bring your own bins.

Move around

Not only as a means of mobility, but also for fun and health. The bicycle is one of the most popular forms of transport around our colleagues.

Now if you don't feel very safe, you can choose to use the scooters or why not just walk. Besides being a sustainable option, it's a good way to create a daily exercise habit without having to work too hard.

Responsible Culture

Caring for and protecting the environment around us is not a matter of one day, or one single action. Talking about sustainability implies a constant set of actions that improve and of course safeguard all the necessary resources in order to prolong them and lead a dignified and optimal life in all senses.

A sustainable life depends on the continuation of the resources that we have around us. It is our duty as users of these resources to take care of them and protect them in order to keep them, because although they are renewable, this does not mean that they will last forever.

And of course, we would love to hear about your daily ambitions and will keep you posted if we come up with further improvements.

Isabel Calzada Zubiría

Content & Marketing

Isabel is responsible for content, communication and design at INDEED. She is a graphic designer who has also a wide experience in the marketing area. Isabel strongly believes in the importance of sharing the ideal, fresh and precise content in order to have a more informed and humanized world.


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