Jul 10, 2018

Red Dot Design Award for the Hilti toolbox

The sixth generation of the Hilti toolbox received a Red Dot Award. The well-known brand icon was redesigned as part of Hilti’s efforts to revise its brand.

Stefanie Wibbeke

It is equipped with additional functions such as a swivel handle, allowing two toolboxes to be easily carried in one hand, and a new interior which can be individually configured to hold various accessories.

Stephan Niehaus, Head of Design, Hilti and Heiko Tullney, Creative Director, Indeed, accepted the award - representative of all parties involved on both sides. We would especially like to mention our colleagues Florian Witt and Alex Dummler as well as all those who did their part to further develop the brand icon but were not in the office right now to raise a hand. But take a close look at the making of and maybe spot them there:


For more information visit: Hilti PR or RedDot

Stefanie Wibbeke

Marketing & Communication

Stefanie is Head of Marketing at INDEED. She is responsible for spreading the word about us through digital and social marketing, partnerships, events, and more. As humanities scholar, she questions our work from a different angle and makes us explain projects with the human experience in mind. Residing in Hamburg by choice, she couldn’t live without her daily dose of crocheting.


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