Nearly every citizen will be asked to wear a mask sooner or later. But how to get a mask if most retailers are out of stock, you pretty suck at sewing or just realized you will need a mask within minutes to get out?

After an extensive research we came up with a solution which can be constructed with household items, is easy to individualize and can be recycled anytime:


Our self-written briefing based on the conducted research and our own experience. Some points were crucial:

  • We needed a print at home template
  • The construct shouldn’t need additional supply, just regular household items; You can use any material you want as long it provides minimum stability for the frame and meets the criteria of breathability and sneeze resistance for the fabric
  • The mask has to be adjustable and reusable
  • The mask should securely cover nose and mouth
  • The goal is to provide a DIY mask without sewing or an extensive shopping list to reduce the spread of Covid-19 for everyone.

We didn’t aim for a medical breathing mask to protect us from the virus but for a device which will help us to spend time outside while protecting others. Cause if everybody will protect the others, oneself is looked after as well. And that’s the deal.

So here we go with our mask template designed to be printed out in your home:


To create the mask, simply print this document out, stick it onto a ceral box any other cardboard (a delivery box also works really well). Cut out the shape of the mask, following the dotted line. Put an elastic band through two of the slots on each side. Try different combinations to maximize the comfort. Style the frame to your liking and cut any piece of fabric following the dyeline. Place the fabric between the frame and your face while the elastic band will hold it in place. And you are ready to go.

As every face is unique we highly recommend to try different sizes before you cut the shape out on cardboard. The frame should sit tight but not pressing on your face. Adjust the band itself or with the ear guard to keep a firm contact of cloth and face.

The variants are endless. Experiment with prints, patterns and colors. Or let the filter fabric do the job if you fancy a more “natural” card board look for the frame. An old t-shirt or dish cloth is found in every home. If you can handle it layer the fabrics or add household tissue to maximize the protection.

For your convenience we also prepped a family edition. You can print, cut and assemble our masks together with your loved ones and keep others safe while you are out.

Small | Medium | Large (color printer needed)

Of course, this DIY mask will wear off over time – especially in the rain or with extended use. Due to the low investment costs we recommend to make some in advance as you become more familiar with cutting and assembling over time. You can even ask your spouse or child to design one for you as the others are the ones who will see it the most.

So, we hope you like and test our DIY mask and help everybody to stay safe in this pandemic!

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