After the formation support in 2020 from Hubert Rhomberg, the fourth generation to head the Rhomberg Group, Fragile, the venture-building studio represented by Lukas Kauer, joins the Indeed Innovation family, spearheaded by Karel J. Golta, in 2023.

About Hubert and the Rhomberg Group

Hubert Rhomberg

Hubert Rhomberg is a qualified civil engineer, managing director of Rhomberg Holding, visionary, and doer. An idea realizer who is already thinking tomorrow today.

In addition to the fields of construction and resources, the Rhomberg Group is also active in the railway sector. Established in 1886, the family-owned enterprise employs roughly 3400 people. Managed by the fourth generation of its founding family, the company operates several locations and subsidiaries. Next to offices in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Canada, USA, and Great Britain, its head office is in Bregenz, Austria.

About Karel and Indeed Innovation

Karel J. Golta

INDEED is the innovation firm for a circular economy. Founded in 2010, the international and diverse team delivers products, experiences, and systems that eliminate waste, regenerate resources, close the lifecycle loop and help humans to adopt circular business models. Karel’s company innovates for organizations of all sizes and across industries. Working with those who already participate in the Circular Economy, and those who want to start their circular journey.

As humane innovation advocate, Karel is on a mission to reverse human impact on the planet by using the power of design to build a more livable future for all life on earth. As founder of multiple companies and CEO of INDEED Innovation Karel loves to discuss big ideas, poke at rigid thinking, and ultimately unearth previously unrealized possibilities.

About Lukas and Fragile

Lukas Kauer

Fragile is a venture studio on a mission to enable aspirational and resilient lives for future generations. They offer legacy leaders an alternative route for meaningful future innovation and transformation. Together with diverse stakeholders, Fragile leverages the power of collaboration with talents from multiple backgrounds. Chosen for their skills and values to design new businesses. Based on internal expertise and external insights that complement — not compete — with the existing core activities of any company or family office.

Lukas uses bold, visionary ideas as vehicles to co-create impact-driven ventures that exceed the dominant business logic while charging the brand and galvanizing the company’s culture. As Co-Founder of Forward Creatives or Possi Kitchen, as well as in partnerships with Newlab or the Rhomberg Holding, he demonstrated his devotion to leading positive change in our complex and uncertain world.

Land on water

One lighthouse project from the establishing venture studio is “Land on water”. An amazing concept addressing the fragility of housing needs confronted with rising sea levels.

several two room apartments and green houses connected via greened landing stages building a small village for a future-minded social group

“In times of rising sea levels, we humans still try to extend our already threatened lands in conventional ways.”

Lukas Kauer

Instead of fantasizing about setting up colonies on the Moon and Mars, Fragile’s idea is to build a sustainable floating environment. On earth. For all living things. Utilizing the learnings from decades of construction know-how, incorporating circular design principles and in respect and symbiosis with the developing environment.

The literal foundations of this modular building system find their roots in ancient times. It inverts the typical gabion cage design. Filled with locally sourced, up-cycled floatation support to hold whatever structure is built on top. The flat-packed cages are made from reinforced recycled plastic, making transporting these sturdy modules easier and assembling them on location.


Without toxic anti-fouling paints used on steel and concrete foundations, these modules become new habitats for fish and crustaceans and anchor points for mollusks and seaweed. In other words, Land on Water will be building homes for humans and marine life.

Find more farsightedness under

Floating houses on a sea surrounded with mountains

Generating value for generations to come

Fragile unlocks business value by building novel impact-driven ventures that exceed the dominant business logic. With ready-to-run business ideas, we identify opportunities that allow the building and nurturing of impact-driven ventures. Based on our growing network of collaborators and partners, the business will gain momentum from day one.

Our partner’s progressive thinking is strengthened through the public launch of our co-shaped visionary projects. Media and PR Features through authentic stories attract like-minded business partners and tomorrow’s talents better than any benefits program.

We challenge and widen internal perspectives and nurture purpose-driven innovation. We enhance leadership cultures through active stakeholder engagement in new business approaches and collaborations with radical, purpose-driven talents.

Aspiration delivered

Fragile and Indeed Innovation will work closely together to ensure the feasibility and viability of each concept. Indeed will deploy all one’s skills, from engineering to design and research, into each idea and is ready to support new ventures’ prototypes or MVPs until manufacturing.

Contact Lukas or our colleagues to learn more about the new sustainable venture-building studio based in Copenhagen with an international network.

The Mensch

The avatar of Indeed Innovation not wired to an individual colleague but expressing our brand’s unique vision on design, circularity, and the future. Also used when several colleagues worked on this particular content piece :-)

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