Our bespoke circular workshops are designed to empower your cross-functional team to define and align on the optimal circular business models for your organization’s success.

Step 1

This discussion will define the workshop scope, priorities and the most critical focus for your organization. Examples of the workshop goals include:

  • Return / reuse business model conception
  • Circularity opportunity identification
  • Circularity narrative building for buy-in
  • Vision road mapping for net zero goals
  • Circular products and eco-design solutions

Step 2

We invite your cross-functional business leaders and respective stakeholders to identify key challenges and define initial steps toward circularity. Internally, we engage representatives from brands, R&D, logistics, innovation, and sustainability.

At the systemic level, we consider involving your external stakeholders, for example, suppliers, research and government institutions, industry/sector at large, to gain a precise view of your value chain. Also, don’t forget your customer. Each workshop is infused with circularity trends and outlooks as well as innovation methodologies to facilitate dynamic dialogue and co-create the solution for the workshop goals set in Step 1.

What you will gain

Opportunity areas for quick wins

Identify opportunity areas for quick wins where innovations in business strategy can enhance resource efficiency, cost savings, or revenue generation.

Vision and immediate action plan 

ESG aligned goals and objectives as well a draft roadmap outlining the transition towards a circular system.

Circular concepts and pilot direction

A set of innovative concepts to test and implement circular strategies and eco-design principles in real-life.

Stakeholder engagement & buy-in

List of stakeholders’ priorities, interests, and pain points for involvement and decision-making.

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What is a return/reuse business model?

This model extends a product’s life by encouraging customers to return it for reuse or refurbishment. It reduces waste, creates a loyal customer base, and can even generate new revenue streams. Read our Google Case Study to learn more.

What are circular products and eco-design solutions?

These are products designed for disassembly, reuse, or remanufacturing. Eco-design focuses on minimizing environmental impact throughout the product’s lifecycle, from material selection to end-of-life options. Think modular components, easily recyclable materials, and timeless aesthetics. Read our 15 Principles of Circular Industrial Design.

What is a roadmap for achieving net zero through circularity?

A roadmap establishes a strategic framework for your organization to achieve net zero emissions by implementing circular economy principles. It outlines measurable goals, prioritizes circular strategies like product lifecycles and resource optimization, and fosters collaboration within the supply chain. By promoting transparency and continuous improvement, this roadmap guides your journey towards a more sustainable future.