A room with three people at the chamber of beautiful business event in Hamburg

We are thinkers and doers, supporting a shift from self-interest and instant gratification to collective care and social impact.

a composition of posters and people raising awareness for climate change

We put care over convenience.

We hail impact over efficiency.

We re-use rather than reinvent.

A drone shot showing a city from above

We rebel for advancement – spearheaded by science.

Being innovators and leveraging our design DNA, we bring the best of humanity to the task of improving all life on the planet.


To build a more beautiful future, we must recode innovation.

We are big enough to navigate complex projects, but small enough to care.

Alessandro Brandolisio

Innovation & AI Strategy
Alessandro Brandolisio Profile image

Alex Dumler

Innovation Design
Alex Dumler Profile image

Ann-Christin Klüppel

People & Culture
Ann-Christin Klüppel Profile image

Anne-Marie Lippmann

Studio Manager
Anne-Marie Lippmann Profile image

Eunji Park

Strategic Design
Eunji Park Profile image

Florian Hättich

Industrial & UX Design
Florian Hättich Profile image

Florian Witt

Design Engineering
Florian Witt Profile image

Gerhard Seizer

Strategic Innovation

Günter Wissmann

Industrial Design
Günter Wissmann Profile image

Heiko Tullney

Strategic Design
Heiko Tullney Profile image

Ivo Wawer

Industrial & UX/UI Design
Ivo Wawer Profile image

Jeongwoo Jang

Computational Designer
Jeongwoo Jang Profile Image
Jeongwoo Jang Profile Image

Karel J. Golta

CEO + Founder
Karel Golta

Dr. Ilka Weissbrod

Sustainable Circularity

Lucas Lehman

Industrial Design
Lucas Lehmann Profile image

Maria Krüger

Maria Krüger Profile image

Mariana Yzusqui

Industrial Design
Mariana Yzusqui Profile image

Matthias Hecker

Design Engineering
Matthias Hecker profile image

Michael Leitl

Innovation & AI Strategy

Niklas Baus

Business Development

Nisarg Acharya

Design Engineering
Nisarg Acharya profile image

Patric Moammer

Managing Director NY
Patric Moammer Profile image

Paul Fally

Industrial Design
Paul Fally profile image

Rebecka Rosenlind

Industrial Design
Rebecka Rosenlind Profile image

Sam Swift

Design Engineering

Sarah Crooks

Business Development
Sarah Crooks profile image

Seung Keun Kim

Industrial Design
Seung Keun Kim Profile image

Siguang Ma

Industrial & UX/UI Design
Siguang Ma profile image

Stefanie Wibbeke

Marketing & Communications
Stefanie Wibbeke

Torsten Plate

Design Engineering
Torsten Plate Profile image

Vinay Bhajantri

Design Engineering
Vinay Bhajantri profile image

Yue Zhao

Industrial Design

We are on a joint mission to create a better future for all life on earth.

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