We help innovative companies design, build and scale sustainable products – from idea to mass production.

A Labs is the software and hardware development division at Indeed. To face the multifaceted challenges of our clients, we assemble a diverse, cross-functional and sustainable-thinking team of specialists that accompanies you through the entire process from early prototypes, to Minimum Viable Products (MVP) to mass production.

Prototyping Sprint

Test and validate your ideas within 10 weeks.

Slides and sketches are nice, but nothing compares to holding the first physical prototype in your hand. We build early prototypes for validating technical, functional and emission feasibility. This will help you to estimate the risks and ensure that you only invest in the most promising ideas.

MVP Development

From idea to MVP in 100 days.

Hire a dedicated team of sustainably-minded entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, product managers and strategists who will execute your product idea at start-up speed and build your physical Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with measurably lower CO2 emissions – in just 100 days.

Scaling & mass production

From MVP to production and launch.

Is your MVP ready? Now it’s time to get the product ready for market. We help you to sustainably source and manufacture your product from the prototyping stage to mass-production – ultimately ensuring a successful launch of your product.

Tell us about your project, idea or challenge – we’re curious and happy to hear from you!