May 1, 2018


On June 1st, we celebrate Service Design Day*! Worldwide service design enthusiast and explorer spread the word that creating meaningful services will boost your business in the digital age.

Karel J. Golta

In a nutshell: Service Design is the essential and integral discipline and method to face transformation – especially digital transformation. Creating meaningful services that clients truly love gives your business a distinct competitive advantage in saturated markets.

To celebrate Service Design Day, we offer an afternoon workshop and an after work talk & networking event on June 1st in Hamburg in cooperation with the Service Design Network. Our workshop is a proper first step to implement Service Design Thinking in your organization. We'll explain the core of this methodology and throw light on business areas that it can be used for. The ensuing talk and networking evening is a deep dive into Service Design Doing with smart lectures from VW and Lloyds Bank.

Service Design is a discipline at the interface of business, marketing, design and technology. Therefor we dedicate our event to all professionals out there who aim for reliable, intuitive and consistent client experiences despite their department. 


3 p.m. “Service Design Thinking.” 

Experience how Service Design Thinking impacts your business in the digital age. (DE/EN)

5 p.m. “Service Design Doing.” 

Discuss how Service Design Doing creates meaningful (digital) offerings for your clients. (DE/EN)

Intro & Opening

by  Prof. Birgit Mager, Co-Founder & President of the International Service Design Network,  and Karel J. Golta, Founder and CEO of INDEED Innovation


Thomas will share insights from his project "Markthalle - Raum für digitale Ideen", which turns the city of Wolfsburg into a laboratory. Follow him into the PopUp Space and learn more about the paradigm shift towards open innovation.

Lecture 2 – “BRIDGING COMPLEXITY FAST” by Roman Schöneboom, Lloyds Bank

Roman will share pains, gains and learnings from his work in large organisations such as the UK Ministry of Justice, Tesco PLC and Lloyds Banking Group covering team and process learnings.


Ask the speaker any question and discuss with the delegates how Service Design Thinking & Doing impact your business.

Stay for the interdisciplinary Networking with finger food'n'drinks and enjoy the view above Hamburg’s rooftops.

Location Frachtraum, Neuer Wall 34, 20354 Hamburg


*Vision of Service Design Day

“Service design day is dedicated to service design enthusiasts, a world wide event to bring together people from different background and disciplines. Together, we will celebrate service design, raise awareness and create impact in the world around us.”

Learn more about SDN (Service Design Network)

INDEED Innovation is corporate member of the Service Design Network.

Karel J. Golta

Managing Director

Karel, CEO and founder of INDEED, is Swiss but far from being neutral. When he's not planning "the next big thing" with clients, you can controversially discuss with him the value of design. And above all, how design preserves humanity in the age of AI and automation.


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