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The New Climate is an eight-week decentralized online conference on ecological intelligence and inclusive tech for a life-centered economy.



The sessions and content will be in English.

Entering the New Climate

Friday, March 10
Who else is in the room? How to best take part, and what to expect?
w/ your fellow attendees

Shifting the Climate Narrative

Thursday, March 16
Amid climate apocalypticism, ChatGPT, and a Western-centric climate narrative, where are the stories, facts, and figures that tell the story of a climate-positive future through an intersectional lens?
w/ executive director of Intersectional Environmentalist Diandra Esparza, founder of Climate Operation Patricia Heizal Nagginda, associate professor of geometallurgy Simon Michaux, and co-founder of We Don’t Have Time David Olsson

Exploring the Climate Metrics

Wednesday, March 22
Carbon offsets and credits: how legit are they, whom do they benefit, and whom do they harm? How can we redesign them to steer us towards climate positivity effectively?
w/ executive director of PACE (Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy) Ramona Liberoff, co-founder of Atem Alexandre Peschel, and corporate administrator at Coastal First Nations’ Great Bear Initiative Dani Warren

Inspecting the Climate Behavior

Wednesday, March 29
What are the psycho-social challenges in the face of large-scale behavioral change? What does this mean for the new forms of “change leadership” in businesses?
w/ climate psychologist Renee Lertzman and founder of She4Earth Shelot Masithi

Doing a Temperature Check

Wednesday, April 5
What have we learned? What’s coming next?
w/ your fellow attendees

Seeking the Undiscovered

Wednesday, April 12
What wonders of biology, ecology, and nature remain undiscovered? How can they help inspire, (re)design, and innovate toward protecting and sustaining biodiversity and combatting global warming, and the sustainable development of all living systems?
w/ environmental writer and co-founder of Closing the Gap Tania Roa, and Black Mountains College CEO and author, Ben Rawlence

Getting Regenerative (For Real)

Wednesday, April 19 and 26
What are some of the forward-looking examples that make the possibility of climate-positive business real? How do they elevate and nurture the sweet spot of natural resources, inclusive tech, and the human capacity for imagination?
w/ ReFi expert Rica Amaral, head of sustainability at Aesop Laura McGonigal, and partner at Bethnal Green Ventures Dama Sathianathan

Closing the Loop (For Now)

Friday, May 5
What are the new narratives we’ll take forward—into a functioning life-centered economy?
w/ your fellow attendees

The New Climate is an eight-week decentralized online conference on ecological intelligence and inclusive tech for a life-centered economy.

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