Exploring the distorting potential of emerging technologies using AI based data analysis and turning individual profiles into pieces of art.

That’s the central question of our installation. We offer each participant a moment of personal reflection, a chance for technological engagement, and an output showcasing the distorting potential of emerging technologies using AI-based data analysis. Step 1. - Take a seat, and reflect on where you think AI will be taking us, while INDEED creates a 3D scan of you. Step 2. - Give us a short statement on your thoughts. Step 3. - AI will analyze your input and drive INDEED’s generative design software to create a beautiful digital distortion of your portrait aligned with your sentiment. Step 4. - You receive the result as a beautiful postcard with the result of the AI analysis and become part of a growing online gallery. The final result is a co-created snapshot of where we are today, and where we may be heading. Marking a shift in human socio-technical evolution, amidst a digital transformation based on exponential change and new development how humans design.