May 5, 2017


In addition to looking for user experience when developing a new product, the result isn't just added value for the consumer, but at the same time a prestigious award for us and our customer Wagner.

Andrea Vorm Walde DE

We received the German Design Award for our "Airless Pistol Vector Grip.“

Ergonomics was what we focused on in order to make the day-to-day use effortless: the exchangeable handgrip for different hand sizes, the ultra light trigger pull for less fatigue with both 4-finger & 2-finger triggers, additional hooks for ladder and chair, an integrated filter wrench and a brand new one-touch-trigger-lock are what make this tool super manageable and increase the safety while working.

Such an outcome should not only be used for one single product and therefore we created the basis for a modular system that allows Wagner to adapt various mechanisms, rather than one single product. More high-end products to come!


Andrea Vorm Walde DE

PR and Communications

Andrea kümmert sich um unsere PR und zeigt gerne, wie innovativ und vielseitig Indeed ist. Eigentlich ist sie zuständig für die Worte – trotzdem lässt sie uns hier meistens den Vortritt, weil wir als Designer und Entwickler in unserem Blog ganz authentisch berichten wollen. Und das können wir am besten selber.


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