Oct 17, 2017

AI for good

17 Sustainable Development Goals have to be achieved by 2030. While the smartest brains on this planet contribute to the agenda, we like to source the wisdom of the crowd at this year’s House of Beautiful Business in Lisbon.

Stefanie Wibbeke

The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a to-do list for achieving a more prosperous and just future by 2030. They have been unanimously committed to by all the member states within our global community, with many leading minds contributing and supporting their development. From individuals to small and large organizations, we can all do our part to get involved and help ensure we achieve the goals of this inspiring initiative. As such, we would like to engage the wisdom of those attending this year’s House of Beautiful Business in Lisbon, to crowdsource new ideas for how we can actually leverage emerging “AI” technologies to better serve the needs of people and our planet.

Applying such disruptive technologies, while putting the human-first in innovation, is how we handle our everyday work. When we were contemplating a meaningful workshop topic for this year’s House of Beautiful Business Conference Day, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals came up as a topic we were all inspired to explore; they are robust grounding for a conference dealing with software-based technologies that could help lead to a more beautiful tomorrow.

On Sunday, 5th November 2017, we would like to engage with the members, residents and guests of the house–to do something meaningful and fun. ASHKAN SHABNAVARD, an Innovation & Design Management specialist working with INDEED, and JOHANNA JOPPIEN, our dear colleague from our subsidiary Tools of Innovators (TOI), will inspire and generate ideas, with a specially developed co-creative ideation session for the beautiful business minds joining the session.

As Ashkan put it: “We’re really looking forward to the workshop. It won’t just be some pie in the sky AI futurism, but we’ll aim to create a real awareness for the SDGs and what they represent. Hopefully, we’ll have a diverse group, considering how we can harvest the power of AI for good.” After all, “the setting of the House of Beautiful Business is ideal for talking about humanized applications.”

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Want to learn more about “The future of everything”, watch UN's joint meeting of Second Committee, 11th meeting – General Assembly, 72nd session, 11th Oct 2017

Stefanie Wibbeke

Marketing & Communication

Stefanie is Head of Marketing at INDEED. She is responsible for spreading the word about us through digital and social marketing, partnerships, events, and more. As humanities scholar, she questions our work from a different angle and makes us explain projects with the human experience in mind. Residing in Hamburg by choice, she couldn’t live without her daily dose of crocheting.


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