Learning No 1: People who are keen on networking and insights are wide awake and full of interest way before eight in the morning.

Learning No 2: Our guest was a bull’s eye.

Learning No 3: The Kontorhausviertel felt great and we are especially happy about this, because it will become our new home. But further details on that sometimes soon…

…`cause today it is all about our guest Kyle Nel! Kyle and our CEO Karel J. Golta just met recently at a conference and Karel instantly knew: This guy is an enrichement to an upcoming Indeed-Event.

Kyle is the Executive Director of Lowe´s Innovation Lab. You might think, okay… Lowe´s. A DIY chain? Innovative? That can´t fit. The opposite is true! What Lowe´s is doing with regard to Customers in the strategic focus´ and `Future of retail´ is exceptional. Sorry OBI & Co., but obviously our DIY stores can only dream of such. It is no exaggeration to say that Lowe´s is something like the Google of handymen. And the reason for that is Kyle and his team, their ideas, their open-minded thoughts and their basic adjustment.

Talking about himself Kyle says, that he is fascinated about finding out how people and organizations come to certain decisions, and that this is his driving force and motivation to scrutinize, rethink and strike out in a new direction again and again. One of his statements, we fully agree to due to our own human-centered approach we work with at Indeed: “All problems are people problems! All problems are human behavior things.”

Once having understood the above, innovation has to be thought of differently. Because then the topic is not only “new” but much more progress and advantages for the user. Correctly Kyle says, that the world and its technical prospects, its `hardware´, changes quickly – but: The human brain doesn´ t follow at the same speed. However, this also means: An innovation is not always an enrichment, only because it is radical. And not everything crazy will work out.

According to Kyle there is one unique thing about people:  “There is something about us
that loves stories!”. He insists that there will never be a change in a person, just because you try to explain or convince him or show him a presentation or stuff like that. But what really makes people accept disruptive information or inhale new information are stories!

Therefore there are professional science-fiction-writers on tour for Lowe´s all over the
world. And what this turns into at Lowe´s Innovation Lab, respectively what customers can experience in the outlets thereby is the implementation of artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality in human’s interest  – for his progress, his support and a shopping-experience. This is the Future Of Retail & beyond!

Way too many great thoughts were thrown at us that Thursday morning to fully reflect them here. However, one thing became obvious again: The capability to be innovative is not depending on the size of a company, nor its coolness or hipness or its profession. Instead it hinges on how deep the innovation culture is anchored in the company and and how much the CEOs as well as the employees have internalized it. To quote Kyle: Even big and boring companies can change!

Finally we would recommend: Take a look at Kyle´s social media channels and follow him.
He is a fascinating person, who has a lot to tell.

And: Please send an email, if you would like to be
invited to our next business event (s.wibbeke@indeed-innovation.com)
– the next exciting speaker is about to come!

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