That also implies that the core value of design doesn’t remain something intangible and
vague that is hard to describe. On the contrary! These days, the benefits of a coherent design approach can be clearly appointed within any kind of value chain. Read my article on this buzz topic to find out why every organization can significantly benefit from working with designers and design-driven professionals!

Yes, you certainly may develop new products, technologies, services, and even    processes without the help of a designer. For the sake of cost or based on long-established corporate structures, it actually happens around the world and one cannot claim per se that it wouldn’t work to a certain extent. However, by expanding your team with designers or
design-driven professionals you obtain a set of skills in your organization that significantly contributes to improved results and dramatically reduced development risks. In fact, there are FOUR KEY EXPERTISES that are inherent in design and helping organizations to improve, become more efficient and also more successful in the long run: experience, empathy, collaboration, diversity.


It doesn’t matter whether it comes down to the design of hardware, software, services or
processes – whenever the focus lays on recognition, perception, communication, understanding and organization, designers are the specialists in creating a perfect experience.


To put the human being into the center of attention and explore from this vantage point
what drives and bothers them is the key idea of the design discipline. Contemporary designers develop solutions inspired by people for people, and foster the crucial transition to any value-added process. When working with design-driven professionals, corporate decision makers perceive complex layers of information on a new yet traceable level, and are empowered to respond precisely to these valuable findings.


Design overcomes hurdles, dismantles hierarchies and promotes a viable communication
process in order to achieve optimum results – in this field they are the specialists and knowledge leaders. However, collaborative designers merge their wisdom with other sources and take complex aspects for a holistic outcome into account.


Certainly, the main adhesive of all of this is dealing with diversity. Like hardly any
other discipline, design beautifully masters the integration of complex influences. Especially this key skill, which is innate to the aforementioned elements as well, turns into central importance and leads to the emergence of disruptive solutions.

Put in a nutshell, designers and design-driven professionals are experts in the fields
of experience, empathy, collaboration, and diversity. In this respect, they have a major impact on improvement, discovery, development and implementation.

How do you manage that in your organization? With highly democratic, transparent and structured processes designers are in the position to promote growth and evoke a sustainable transformation. For this reason, every organization should work with designers and design-driven professionals.

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