Some projects land on your desk with the requirement of delivering a concept or a prototype, but a complete Design Process drives you to deliver the end result for users. So here comes IMPLEMENTATION, which is the process of execution, of bringing the concept to real life, of finalising the prototype into a working service. Implementation happens in the period between the final approval of the prototype and the launch to the market.

If you are short on time, MVP might be your ideal touch-base because the Implementation
is not the end of the process, but the engine of its iteration. And here comes the real Iteration, the one that you develop in-house through small and quick steps, here the keyword is Agile. At this stage, all the previous barriers of the unknown are torn down. You feel free to follow your gut without fear because a lean approach covers your back, meaning “fail fast and fail cheap”. Which tools should be used then? The answer is in the question. Ask yourself what you really want to know. As you certainly did during your initial ideation, now more than ever you must demonstrate detachment by not falling in love with your ideas. At this moment you are serving others, your duty is to fulfill the needs and desires of those who are going to use your service, you have to deliver for them, not for yourself. You can work out your Double Thinking by approaching both External and Internal areas. External: as a designer you are responsible for bridging Design with Business. “Measuring the impact” helps you to strategize the evolution of the Service in the constantly changing world, better known as Transformation Design. Most importantly for the future evolution of the service: build a Vision for the Strategy. Internal: Training and Workshops are paramount in enabling and empowering your client to continuously improve their process of innovation.

The main finding of this article is clarifying that IMPLEMENTATION is not only the delivery at the end of the Design Process but the anchoring of all the touch-points in order to proceed with iteration.

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Tommaso Martucci

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Tommaso specializes in service, UX/UI, and innovation design. Milan, London, Shanghai, Belgrade, or Shenzhen are just some locations, where he proved his design versatility.

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