Picture yourself 20 years ago …

How did we exercise ourselves? In what way did we measure our progress, or our vital signs, heart rate and physical condition? Thinking about the past, we remember those “exercise” videos where the biggest challenge was turning our living room upside down into a suitable space for jumping, dancing and even jogging.

Who does not remember the experience of going to the gym, scheduling an appointment several weeks ahead just to talk with the nutritionist/instructor in order to get “your only ideal training plan” by telling them your daily routine from scratch to hatch.

Or even more, remember when going to the gym was nearly impossible, there were only a few and were super expensive that only a small population segment could afford them. Back in the days, going to the gym and being trained was more a luxury than an option.

Who would have thought that 20 years later, technology would have evolved so much? Today, we have a whole universe of “Smart devices” that not only offer us more than one alternative to achieve a better physical training, but also make our daily life easier by having them available immediately.

We have thousands of applications which are specifically tailored to our needs. Our possibilities go from having a “personal coach” for ballet lessons, to an application for teaching us martial arts. Everything is summarized in a click!

Today, the life of exercise is a totally different experience than it was 20 years ago. Now we find ourselves surrounded by thousands of gym franchises where they even have a 5-euro subscription plans. In addition to the “smart phones”, we have smart watches and smart earbuds which, through sensors, detect our movements and give us right away a status about our heart rate, vital signs, calories, steps, etc. Let’s also not forget the countless smart sports accessories like the ingenious insole which gives us instantly information about our performance.

Focusing on today’s innovation, we have to talk about the new opportunities that augmented reality and artificial intelligence offer and will offer us in the future of sports. Now at days, we can choose between running in Miami, climbing the Himalayas or why not enriching ourselves with a beautiful view on the beaches of Tulum while doing yoga with just one click. Everything is possible through technology.

As we can see, over the last 10 years, we have experienced a remarkable evolution in the world of sports. Nowadays everything is App based. Until today, we have all the information and guidance necessary to be able to have an adequate performance, but will this be enough?

We think it is time to look ahead and see what the future of sport holds for us.
What will our sports experience be like in the next 5 years? How will we be or stay motivated while exercising? Will we remember all these “Smart Devices” as part of the past? Or will they become part of our lifestyle?

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