January 12th, 2019 |

We talked to Anne-Marie who supervises and manages literally everything and anything around the studio.

Your first impression of INDEED?

My first day at INDEED was also the first day of the new office location. That was quite exiting as it was a completely new environment for everybody and I did not feel like “the new one” but instead I felt part of the team from the very beginning.

What I really liked was the new and open office spaces which I think reflects the personality of the people who work here.

Your first serious business talk at INDEED?

Uff, difficult to say…but as team assistant I am responsible for numerous things. Therefore, I would have to say that it was probably at my first day at INDEED.


Who are you and what do you do apart from INDEED?

I am INDEED´S team assistant and take care of all the tasks around the actual client projects. I am involved in many fields from the office management to accounting tasks, reports, controlling or also HR. My scope of responsibilities is pretty broad and that is what makes the job fun for me. Apart from INDEED I love to bike, try tasty food and good wine, so you might find me in a lovely restaurant in the evenings.

December 11th, 2018 |

Say hello to Minjoo, she started at INDEED in summer 2017.

Your first impression of INDEED?

My first feeling with INDEED was very impressive, or strong enough to give me the courage to relocate to a new land that I’ve ever lived before. More than any kind of firm, I felt INDEED is the firm that values humanity and respects its employees as an individual. Before joining, I have had strong personal belief in humanity in that it differentiates the products or services from millions of different ones equipped with full-fledged technology. Though the technical advances in Artificial Intelligence obscure the human identity, as part of human intelligence thought to be enhanced by technology, humans still stand in the market as core appreciators of the service. It is even more important nowadays, therefore, to provide chances to contemplate themselves or to provide services based on what made them think in certain ways in terms of ethnographic context. I was happy to find a firm that has aligned thoughts in this regard, and I am still striving myself in this way.

Your first serious (business) talk at INDEED?

It was not seriously related to business, but I was given with an amazing chance to present an art-installation at House of Beautiful Business http://www.indeed-innovation.com/case/indeed-installation held in Lisbon last year. It was an art project that creates artistic distortions of 3D models of a thinking human with regard to their thinking about the future.  The concept of the installation was developed together with INDEED’s creative thinkers and was exposed successfully during the conferences, and it is still giving me lots of chances to introduce to the public as one of the experiments that INDEED have made.

Who are you and what do you do apart from INDEED?

I’m Minjoo, originally from South Korea, who (I would say) is a super generalist with too many interests in a broad range. An exposure to various languages (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese) from my childhood naturally led me to think matters in different cultural contexts. I studied Electrical Engineering as my undergraduate study, during which I mostly spent time organizing international conferences for futuristic topics. After my graduation, I worked as a product manager of Galaxy Series in the department of marketing at Samsung Electronics for several years. While taking part in global projects, I could balance my detailed approach (Engineering approach) with a broader perspective in a business context. At the same time, interests in Art and Humanity started to grow which led me to pursue my Mater’s study in Industrial Design (focused mostly on Human-Computer Interaction). As a hobby, I draw, play violin or piano where you can find more information from my personal page (http://www.minjoolisacho.net/)

As a creative interaction technologist, I tried to relate every single observation or insight I get outside of INDEED to work. I am generally enthusiastic about observing things around me (through the books, visits to lots of galleries, conferences) and create new things in different forms (music, drawings with different tools). Oh, and I’m also an active member of The ArtX (https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-artx/), a new community for creatives in the Hamburg area.

November 1st, 2018 |

Do you know Tommaso? He started at INDEED 2 years ago.

Your first impression of INDEED?

When I firstly joined INDEED, the firm was transitioning from a pure industrial profile to an overall user experience approach. The shift was a natural step, especially by considering the innovative methods and tools that have been internally developed around the concept of human-centered design. So, I was extremely attracted by the opportunity of investigating the new digital interactions while keeping active the tactile physicality of the world. In fact, my interpretation of the claim “human-first in innovation” lays in the strong connection between the physical world and the digital one, so in that middle ground where avatars connect with real people. If you want to operate on both digital and physical levels, multiple disciplines have to join forces, and INDEED is definitely able to bring this expertise to the table. Nowadays the percentage of agencies focusing only on the digital is much higher, so INDEED stands out of the crowd because of the ability to draw connections between different disciplines and problem areas.

Your first serious business talk at INDEED?

My job is to design and manage anything related to our clients, so the “Business” is a crucial point. I believe that the next step for designers is to elevate their role to the business level, it’s important to be conscious about all the processes and connections of what happens before and after what we design, that’s the reason of the mainstream explosion of Service Design. As a designer with over 10 years’ experience, I’m now building muscles in Business and Strategy by exploring the edges where these disciplines are overlapping, and this is a crucial step because the Design is just one of the multiple facets of a business.

Who are you and what do you do apart from INDEED?

I’m Italian, from Napoli, and I lived/worked across different cities like London, Milan, Belgrade, Rome, Shanghai, Shenzhen, currently based in Hamburg. I’m a curious person who often asks two main questions, “why” and “so, what?”. I usually work surrounded by books all over my desk. I’m addicted to reading, I love writing thoughts and share design articles with the hashtag #timeforreading. And I’m passionate about documentaries, psychology, and theatre; even though improv workshops and guitar are my newest loves.

October 15th, 2018 |

Let’s meet Mariana – for about 8 months at INDEED when she answered our questions.

Your first impression of INDEED?

Of all the companies I applied to, INDEED was the one which most attracted my attention. Not only because of the projects or the client list but mainly because of the people. I remember scrolling all the way up and down the “who we are”-page and thinking: I would love to be part of it!

And of course, getting the job made me incredibly happy.

INDEED has a wonderful team. People here are very talented and super friendly. Everyone cares about each other and the environment is very familiar. I felt comfortable from the very first day. It is definitely a great place to work!

Your first serious business talk at INDEED?

My first business talk was actually a project-based phone call with a client. It was my first direct contact with him (after already working for him for a few months) and of course, I was nervous!  But my nervousness didn’t last long. It was a pleasant conversation.

Who are you and what do you do apart from INDEED?

My name is Mariana and I am originally from Lima, Peru. After graduating from school, I moved to Germany to study industrial design. I love to discover new places on my bike and enjoy spending time outdoors. On cold days I like to create small illustrations which I use as a memory album.

September 16th, 2018 |

Let’s meet Isabel – for about 10 days at INDEED when she answered our questions.

Your first impression of INDEED?

Monday morning, I get up, get my things ready, take the bus and finally, arrive to my first day of work at Indeed Innovation. Thousands of thoughts go through my mind, people, challenges, projects, new tasks … nerves? Of course! but at the same time a lot of excitement and curiosity to discover a new stage of my professional career.

My first impressions when entering through the front door were shocking, what an amazing place, how many desks, how many people, how much technology, how much light! but above all how much human warmth, all my co-workers were extremely kind, smiling and always willing to solve my thousands of questions.

Your first serious business talk at INDEED?

In fact, the one that kept going through my mind was to understand how they implemented technology in the company, and how it transcended in people’s lives?

That is whyI took the liberty of asking my colleague Minjoo about her role in the company.
I wanted to understand how things worked, what they had done, how they had done it, what they had been based on … in short, I needed to talk to her!

Her answer left me impressed, “We bring Humanity into Technology” was where after having a very enriching conversation I understood that it is indeed a company which goes beyond offering design services and developing products based on technology, it is a company that adds the innovative part and technological with the human, creative and warm part of our species, thus forming the perfect product to cover each unique need of our clients.

I confess that I feel very happy, excited and grateful to be part of the intercultural and warm family of Indeed Innovation.

Who are you and what do you do apart from INDEED?

My name is Isabel Calzada, responsible for content, communication and design at INDEED.

I am Mexican, studied graphic design and later had the opportunity to explore the world of marketing. I am passionate about art, love to dance, and enjoy spending an afternoon with a good cup of coffee, a blank canvas, some paintings and an endless amount of ideas to capture.

Isabel Calzada Zubiría Profile image

Isabel Calzada Zubiría


Originally from Mexico, Isabel is a trained graphic designer with a wide experience in multilevel marketing in America. She strongly believes that sharing ideal, fresh and precise content will humanize the world.

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