Next level for a genuine cult product

Sorry, Berlin - the currywurst was invented by us. At least, the new RÜGENWALDER currywurst.

And how could you do better than in a joint workshop with the customer? Including tasting, of course. Ideas were collected and discussed, scribbles created and possible transformations worked out. It was supposed to be the sausage, but if you want to create a real user experience, of course, dish, cutlery and not least the spices are relevant. Everything plays together and has to be a total composition to achieve the best currywurst enjoyment. And so, we have achieved a result that can be seen and tasted: a real grilled sausage in a fruity-spicy sauce and extra curry powder to the seasoning, appetizingly prepared in a modernized version of the good old snack tray. And not to forget: the wood picker, which completes the currywurst pleasure. Structural packaging can be so delicious.