The key solution for all runs

Innovation is not just about ideation but implementation – just as we did with OKEY.

A problem many joggers share: Where to go with the front door key while running? OKEY, a product innovation that demonstrates our holistic approach to an idea and its implementation, is a good example of how we understand Human Centered Design. Within a week, we have generated a wealth of product concepts based on unmet Needs identified by us. From the wide range of proposals, we have selected one and developed into full production-status: OKEY, our key solution for runners. OKEY sits elegantly around the keys, holds them together with a small but strong magnet and at the same time attaches them securely to the trouser waistband. After ideation, design, prototyping and development of the OKEY, we got offers for serial production and launched a kickstarter campaign. The key solution for runners is currently being implemented by STRYVE.