Open, close or both?

Some projects have the power to revolutionize a whole industry: Can2Close is one of them.

Anyone who wants to turn a flashy idea into a marketable product is well advised to revert to comprehensive know-how as we offer it - in this case in the area of structural packaging. The CAN2CLOSE managers used our authority in the fields of design, product development and market analysis to realize their product: the reclosable beverage can. Technical feasibility, functionality and concept design lay in our hands. The decisive point on the way to market maturity: the closure has to be integrated into the dosage cover in such a space-saving manner that it fits into the standardized filling systems. Our solution is an innovative closing mechanism made of injection-moulded polypropylene, which closes the can air and drip-free after use. Sometimes the best thing about an idea is that it is no longer an idea but a reality.