A sensitive stone breaks the transparent wall between digital and real world using AR technology to improve mental wellness.

Nowadays, it almost seems like technology has hijacked our life, forcing us to run faster and be more efficient. Maybe that‘s why more and more people suffer from dysphoria or develop mental health problems. It‘s time to think about a healthy coexistence for humans and the technology. We envisioned an application to transmit emotions like stress into artistic, living structures populating a calming virtual world. The design concept ÄNX is the combination of a modern worry stone and digital cave painting. Multiple embedded sensors and a special algorithm, are generating animated digital objects like floating liquid bubbles, flowing sand dunes or rotating rock splitters in every shape and color. The ÄNX sculptures are uploaded at the location the device-input ends. Other users can meet them by using augmented reality viewers like their smartphones or in near future by AR-glasses. It can happen that you bump into a moving sculpture on the streets, just like you meet an unexpected Pokemon in a park. ÄNX is designed as a contemporary iteration and combination of manual and art therapy.