The AI Toolbook is an indispensable workbook for practitioners, decision-makers and innovators. It’s the essence of our work experienced, catalyzed and written down by our colleagues Alessandro, Karel and Michael. 

With this book, decision-makers and innovators learn to confidently use the advantages of AI. Analogous to a parachute jump, the reader goes through various phases on this learning journey: “Onboarding” conveys the necessary methodical knowledge; "Jumping" explains the practical application using many examples and "Safe landing" prepares you for implementation. To the point, in every detail. The readers recognize how man and machine can complement each other in a meaningful way. So that AI becomes an indispensable part of every innovation process.
‍Available in stores from March 30, 2021.
First in German, but soon also in English.

why is ai so important for innovation?

Without artificial intelligence, groundbreaking innovation is hardly possible today. Today's challenges from climate change to colonization on Mars are too complex. However, very few know about the meaningful application of AI in a company. The book fills this gap. The focus is on the AI planner; It is a unique step-by-step guide for developing application concepts in the field of artificial intelligence for business, product and service development.

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Alessandro Brandolisio (left) is an industrial designer, innovation strategist and startup founder. For ten years he has been developing innovative products, services and business models for customers such as Intel or Deutsche Telekom. His experience shaped his conviction that groundbreaking innovation can only succeed if the strengths of man and machine are combined. At TOI - Tools of Innovators and INDEED Innovation he helps companies become more innovative. 

Karel J.Golta (center) is an innovation expert, designer and entrepreneur. Since the 1990s, he has been accompanying the implementation of future technologies such as the first generation of MP3 players or internet banking. Based on this experience, he founded the companies INDEED Innovation, Simplexion and TOI - Tools of Innovators. With these three companies, he helps customers develop complete business models, implement IoT products and activate companies' ability to innovate. As a keynote speaker, lecturer, author and columnist, Karel Golta inspires executives as well as the next generation to think new. 

Michael Leitl (right) is an innovation expert in theory and practice. He worked as a chemical engineer, startup founder and business editor. For 15 years he was in charge of the digitalization and innovation areas of the Harvard Business Manager and set up the innovation management at Spiegel-Verlag. Today he advises companies on innovation topics at TOI - Tools of Innovators and INDEED Innovation.

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