Jul 29, 2019

What is innovation about?

In a world of constant change, companies need to adjust and evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of their consumers. One way of doing it, is finding innovation in your daily tasks. But how can we be innovative and launch the next mind-blowing product to the market?

Isabel Calzada Zubiría

At this moment, we are positioned in a fast-paced environment where technology is advancing, and globalization is increasing. Where everyone talks about how to be innovative. On how to create different, original, unique concepts or even on how to invent the most outstanding, life changing, technological “app” on the market, but what is the real meaning of innovation? What is innovation about?


If we look in the dictionary, the first thing we find is the following:

Innovation is a "new idea, device or method", but let´s be honest, it does not really tell us much does it? In my personal point of view, innovation goes beyond having a new idea, rather I think that innovation is a universe of ideas which need to be experienced in order to be able to provide specific solutions for them to successfully satisfy different needs.

Innovation is about solving problems. It is about solving needs and making life easier and simpler for consumers, therefore to be innovative you do not have to have a thousand ideas, if not a thousand solutions and learn to be perseverant and patient throughout the process.

On the other hand, we know that it is inevitable to think that the next big thing will be obvious, but in truth, innovation often starts out looking like nothing at all. That's why you have to be true to yourself and thoughts and not be afraid to experiment and fail. Falling and getting up is the only way to success, the key is to continue and to not be afraid to innovate, so be creative and speak up your mind as surely within your universe of ideas there is innovation going on. Remember to think outside the box and we assure you that you will create incremental enhancements.


Now that we have a wider concept about what innovation is, we want to share some tips with you in order to create a lot of ideas for them to become innovative solutions.

❤️ Fall in love

Listen and identify the needs and problems of your client. Create a thousand new ideas, fall in love with them, experience and try them.

😎 Don’t be afraid of sharing your thoughts

There are no bad ideas, so do not be afraid to express them! Dare to be creative and say what you think.

📚 Become a Storyteller

Storytelling is an effective way to evaluate a hypothetical future where your new idea has achieved relevance in terms that are vivid, actionable and even testable.

🧪 Never stop experimenting

It turns out that experimenting your ideas is a great way of innovating, so never stop testing and trying on new solutions.

🚀 Get out there!

Ideas are all around us. Innovation is a daily sport that no one learns just by reading a book, instead go out there, analyze your surrounding and get inspired!

In summary, innovation is about being able to express our ideas to find endless creative solutions and not to be afraid of failure by being continuously updated and in the forefront of our own thoughts.

Isabel Calzada Zubiría

Content & Marketing

Isabel is responsible for content, communication and design at INDEED. She is a graphic designer who has also a wide experience in the marketing area. Isabel strongly believes in the importance of sharing the ideal, fresh and precise content in order to have a more informed and humanized world.


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