May 2, 2017

We have founded a subsidiary: TOI – Tools of Innovators

Indeed is highly qualified and successful in developing innovative products and services. However, several of our clients wished to optimize their own innovation capabilities.

Karel J. Golta

Afterall, sustainable innovations unquestionably arise from a companies own employees; of course this requires a systematic approach with the right skills and know-how.

TOI transforms employees into innovators through taylor-made training programs. With experienced trainers who also work as professional innovators themselve, as well as a set of tools that have proven their worth to the best innovators of our time, we hit the nail on the head.

Interested to learn more? Have a look on our website and do not hesitate to contact us.

Or meet us personally at the Idea Management Forum in Frankfurt on May, 30th. After a short keynote speech you are invited to try our hands-on methods:

Karel J. Golta

Managing Director

Karel, CEO and founder of INDEED, is Swiss but far from being neutral. When he's not planning "the next big thing" with clients, you can controversially discuss with him the value of design. And above all, how design preserves humanity in the age of AI and automation.


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