Oct 5, 2017

"If software is eating the world, we might as well have a glass of wine with it."

Join us at the House of Beautiful Business in Lisbon before and during Web Summit. It’s a pop-up community for meaningful conversations about technology and humanity. The House will serve as salon, stage, and sandbox for people who are keen on rehumanizing business in a playful and intimate setting.

Stefanie Wibbeke

While the tech community meets at the webSUMMIT from November 6th to 9th, we will explore “the very human future of business” from November 3rd to 10th at several special locations. Because the first edition of the House of Beautiful Business in Barcelona was a great success, we are happy to announce: INDEED will be partner & resident in Lisbon, too.

In collaboration with the BCG Henderson Institute and together with other partners, the House will serve as salon, stage, and sandbox for people who want to explore the rehumanization of work in a playful and intimate setting. The House will bring together executives from Fortune 500 and SMEs, start-up founders, non-profit leaders, investors, writers, philosophers, scientists, designers, technologists, artists, and others to discuss and prototype how to lead with purpose and passion; how to build human companies and workplaces; and how to design for deeper connections in an age of exponential change and massive societal disruption.

Topics will cover the diverse relationships between humans and technology and range from conscious capitalism, soulful organizations, and business romance, to the role of the humanities in strategy, Artificial Emotional Intelligence, and the future of identity. Programming will include keynote talks and fireside chats, debates, panel discussions, games and simulations, Live Action Role Plays, Socratic dialogues, workshops, art installations, social experiments, performances, field trips to Lisbon’s beautiful businesses, breakfasts, dinners, and much more. Make sure you don’t miss the opening party on Thursday, November 3 at The Studio. And on Sunday, November 5, the Conference of Beautiful Business, a special full-day program featuring keynotes and panels at The Palacete.

You find more information and all program updates here: https://houseofbeautifulbusiness.com/

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For frequently readers of our journal „THE MENSCH“ we saved two tickets: So join us at the House of Beautiful Business and apply for a ticket until Monday, November 9th! Together we will do our work more beautifully in order to thrive in a global economy transformed by AI and automation.

Stefanie Wibbeke

Marketing & Communication

Stefanie is Head of Marketing at INDEED. She is responsible for spreading the word about us through digital and social marketing, partnerships, events, and more. As humanities scholar, she questions our work from a different angle and makes us explain projects with the human experience in mind. Residing in Hamburg by choice, she couldn’t live without her daily dose of crocheting.


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