May 5, 2017


Do you want each of your headphones wireless? Want to enjoy your music without bothering your neighbors? Want to watch TV but your family doesn’t? Sennheiser has arrived in the audio future, and we paved their way!

Andrea Vorm Walde DE

In addition to its design, the UX was at the top of our list. Naturally, the TV amplifier Flex 5000 and the RS 5000 radio designs have been centered around their users. But it wasn’t just about giving the consumer the next new pair of headphones. It was all about freedom of movement, comfort, easy use, and a new kind of sound experience. With style, of course!

The result: the slimmest and most stylish TV-audio device ever! Due to different sound profiles, it can not only adjust to the source and content of the sound, but can be customized to every individual user. There is also a TV receiver that provide your already-existing headphones with complete freedom of movement. Both have crystal clear sound and optimized speech clarity.


Andrea Vorm Walde DE

PR and Communications

Andrea kümmert sich um unsere PR und zeigt gerne, wie innovativ und vielseitig Indeed ist. Eigentlich ist sie zuständig für die Worte – trotzdem lässt sie uns hier meistens den Vortritt, weil wir als Designer und Entwickler in unserem Blog ganz authentisch berichten wollen. Und das können wir am besten selber.


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