Jun 2, 2015

OKEY – Kickstarter project for runners

We recently announced it already, now it is finally time: INDEED goes Kickstarter and we very much need you there!

Karel J. Golta

What is it anyway? Well, as a community, you can have fun, exchange ideas, exercise together or achieve a higher goal – so the idea of ​​the crowdfunding platform called Kickstarter. And that’s exactly what we want to achieve with your support: bring our patent-pending key pendant for sport pants into production.

You definitely have experienced this situation already: sportswear taken on, shoes laced, muscles stretched, and off you go to exercise – just one lingering question remains: what to do with the keys? Nothing feels really safe, right? – Neither the band around the neck, nor holding the keys in your hand and most certainly not the secret hiding place.


Same thing here! Lisa, Florian and I are not only colleagues at INDEED, but we are also passionate runners. At a certain point of time we simply had enough of this annoying key problem when running and felt urged to solve it on our own, because we couldn’t find any products that finally convinced us – especially not in terms of comfort or safety. Therefore, our main goal was to create a simple, yet effective solution for every runner out there. Put in a nutshell: in addition to our everyday jobs and supported by our boss, we created TEAM:INDEED.

And now the time has come: the design is done, the material is selected, specifications are made, prototypes tested – our product is ready to go!

Our key chain named “OKEY” is made of skin-friendly silicone and is therefore very flexible and elastic. It is easily attached to your sport pants and fits tight, thanks to two small but strong magnets. Simple, stylish, practical, and safe: by simply folding the OKEY inside out, the keys are enveloped while being attached to your clothing – this way they neither shake nor rattle while you exercise.

Can you make use of that? Then support us please on Kickstarter and help us to bring OKEY into production!



Karel J. Golta

Managing Director

Karel, CEO and founder of INDEED, is Swiss but far from being neutral. When he's not planning "the next big thing" with clients, you can controversially discuss with him the value of design. And above all, how design preserves humanity in the age of AI and automation.


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