Sep 8, 2017

OKEY is back

OKEY is back? Well, not exactly, but almost - see it yourself:

Florian Witt

2 years ago we started a great kickstarter campaign as TEAM:INDEED – as many of you might remember.

Unfortunately, we had not been fully successful in raising the funds required although so many athletes were thrilled by our OKEY (at least we raised EUR 12.000!).

Now, our loyal backers will receive their “key to doing sports” after all because colleagues from Hamburg step in: Stryve is a sports brand developing innovative products, whose founding members already appeared on “Die Höhle der Löwen” – the German equivalent to Shark Tank or Dragon’s Den. They recently kicked off their campaign for a keychain that offers functionality similar to what our OKEY could have done – see it yourself.

Let’s guess, your problem is still the same? Your are still looking for a clever solution to store your key during a run without being uncomfortable to wear. On top of that, it be easy to use and keep you focused on your workout.

So, what are you waiting for: Support our fellows from Hamburg with their project and get your new keychain now.

Florian Witt

Head of Engineering

Florian ist designaffiner Ingenieur und Head of Engineering bei Indeed. Mit seiner Leidenschaft für elegant-einfache Lösungen sorgt er dafür, dass toll gestaltete Produkte auch genauso gut funktionieren. Und seine Begeisterung reicht bereits in die nächste Generation: Seine beiden kleinen Töchter nehmen schon jetzt gerne komplizierte technische Geräte auseinander und erforschen, wie diese funktionieren ...


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